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Article : How to get tested for an STD test in Delhi ?

Where can I go to get tested for an STD?

Getting infected with a sexually transmitted disease is not uncommon in recent days. Lots of treatment options for STDs are also available to get healed from STD. STD test in delhi is a taboo word to many. People feel hesitant to express their problems in front of friends or even partners. However, one should never get reluctant about any sexual disorder. 

A brief few fact of STD test in Delhi

One can get infected from sexually transmitted infections while having insecure oral, vaginal, or anal sex. This disease is also referred to as Venereal disease. Other than sexual activity, an infected person is responsible to spread this disease through injections and breastfeeding. Hence one should understand whether he or she is suffering from the below-mentioned symptoms or not. 

Symptoms of STD in men

  • An infected person will feel pain and uneasiness during sex or urination.
  • The surrounded areas of the penis, testicles, anus, and thighs will get swallowed. You will notice rashes and scores around those areas. Even you will suffer from sores in the mouth. 
  • You will notice infrequent blood loss from the penis. The testicles will get swollen. 

Symptoms of STD in women

Like men, women also suffer from sexually transmitted infections. Sometimes STD does not give noticeable indications. Still, women who get infected with STD will suffer from the following symptoms. 

  • Uncommon pain from the vagina
  • She will face sores, bumps, around the areas of anus, buttocks, thighs, and mouth. 
  • She will feel pain and discomfort during sex and urination. 

How to get tested for STD ?

In case you feel that you are infected with STD, you need to rush to a specialist for STD test in delhi. Most of the time doctors cannot diagnose whether you are infected with STD or not based on symptoms. They will check your sexual history and lifestyle. Doctors can refer to STD testing though you don’t have any symptoms.

The doctors will suggest you visit a community health clinic or health departments to get tested. Generally, urine tests and blood tests are enough to check whether you are infected with sexually transmitted diseases or not. Genital Swab testing is also recommended to diagnose the infection. 

Is STD testing really expensive ?

Some feel that STD testing involves an immense cost. It depends on where you will go for testing. If you choose to go to health centers or health clinics, you don’t need to pay much. Again, you can opt for many insurance plans that will help in STD testing free of cost. 

Well, be it any type of disease, a person is detected with, it is a common tendency to get scared. But getting scared is not the solution, and you need to meet the best doctor for the same for timely treatment. The suggestion from our side remains the same in the case of STD. If you are detected with this problem, do not feel shy. Take immediate decision to take an appointment with your ayurvedic doctor for STD treatment. Follow the instructions and recommended medications for fast recovery from the problem. Book a oppointment here for the best doctor for STD treatment in delhi.


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