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Category: Sexual Wellness

libido loss

Libido Loss

LOSS OF LIBIDO IN WOMEN – AN OVERVIEW Loss of libido in girls, additionally known as hypoactive sexual choice disease (HSDD), is a complicated and multifaceted issue that can be stimulated

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vaginismus treatment


VAGINISMUS – AN OVERVIEW Vaginismus is a situation that affects females, characterized by means of involuntary and chronic muscle spasms within the pelvic floor muscles surrounding the vagina. These spasms could

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Do you have any foul-smelling discharge? Do you have any black patches under your eyes? Do you feel any dragging sensation in the abdomen? Do you have any pain during sexual

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erectile dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

Do you have no sexual passion left? You have frequent erection problems? Is there a loss in morning erections? Do you have thin and odour less semen?  MAY BE YOU HAVE ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION

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