Wellness Euphoria

Euphoria (noun): It is the state in which you are over excited, sometimes more than reasonable in a particular situation.

Wellness - Is it reality or fad?


Today, erratic and sedantary lifestyle is the major contributor to the deteriorating health of people across all ages. Sadly, people try to find short-cuts to ‘restore’ their health. This gives an opportunity to quacks and unqualified instructors to show dreams of fitness to people in the name of Ayurveda and wellness, sending them into a euphoria of being well.

There has been a sudden revolution in the health industry where Ayurveda is being misrepresented as the solution for any and everything. The entire market is flooded with products claiming to be ‘side-effects free’ and ‘pure’. Be it fitness, diet, natural/organic, ayurveda has become omnipresent. This is, in fact, doing more harm than good to the core essence of Ayurveda.

Generic ayruvedic drugs which are genuine and cheap are not available easily nor do practitioners prescribe them. A vicious circle has been created which entirely focuses on company made products which have no clinical evidence. This translates into playing with people’s trust. Ayurvedic treatment can be effective only if ayurvedic practitioners focus on prescribing shastrokth (shastra-based) treatment.

Same can be said for the fitness, beauty and nutrition industry, which is flooded with ayurvedic products prescribed by gyms and dieticians. Unqualified gym instructors, coaches, dieticians add to the plight of the industry. In the name of wellness, people fall victim to drugs and steroids abuse to look fitter and athletic. It gets worse because of the lack of knowledge about the products.

Ayurveda is not about adding Aloe Vera or Ashwagandha. It is a holistic science based on an individual’s body constitution. Ayurveda is an individualized system of medicine rooted in the notion that everyone’s body has different needs. The science vouches for striking a balance of three doshas: vata, pitta, and kapha. Our body is a unique combination of these three elemental energies. The combination of three forces decides our prakruti.

Not only the market, even the consumer should understand that ignorance in this may turn fatal. A lot is being sold calling it as Ayurvedic Detox Diet. They are pseudo diets which use ayurveda drugs. They may claim to be effective, but the reality is far different from what is marketed.

Likewise, Panchkarma is not only about detoxification and rejuvenation as presented. It is a five-fold therapy that helps in restoring balance, enhancing vitality, making body toxin free and purifying it. It comes along with numerous benefits, but it is being undertaken only after understanding the bodies need.

Balanced, intuitive eating, and mindfulness are few of the basic tenets of being well. Following them may help you to comprehend your body needs better. This will in fact keep you away from many diseases, and will make you fit and fine rather than euphoric!

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We at Dr. Monga Medi Clinic believe in Shastrokt Ayurveda and Integrative medicine and prefer prescription writing. Each individual has a specific constitution (prakruti) and hence requires a specialised treatment as per their body type. Here along with individual attention, we make sure the patient is treated as per their body constitution, intensity of the disease along with seeking guidance from Shastrokt Ayurveda and Integrated system of medicines.