Shastrokt Ayurveda is the Real Ayurveda

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By Dr Jyoti Monga

By ‘Shastrokt’ we mean something which is written in the Shaastras (Ancient Manuscripts).

Shatrokt Ayurveda is a comprehensive ancient health system that originated in India more than 5000 years ago. Charak Samhita, Sushruta Samhita (around 400 BC–200 AD) and Ashtanga Hridaya are the main classic texts, which give detailed descriptions of over 700 herbs and 6,000 formulations.

Ironically, most people have a misconception that Ayurveda is only limited to, Yoga, Breathing exercises, Meditations, Panchakarma, Kerala Ayurvedic Massages, Aroma therapies, Dietary and Lifestyle changes, Consumption of Aloe Vera juice, Chawanprash, Shilajeet, etc. In fact, these therapies cover only a fraction of the body of Ayurveda.

The world of Ayurveda even expands to Astrology, Gemology, Colour and Music therapies as well. Many of the OTC (over the counter products), aroma and spa therapies, cosmetic beautification products, skin and hair products are primarily ayurvedic preparations or medicines. A wide range of OTC products like LIV 52, Vicks, Bhringraj, Ashwagandharisht, Musli Pak, Isabgol, Pudin Hara, Shankhpushpi, Mulethi, Spirulina, Guggul etc. are few examples.

Dr. Monga Ayurvedic Medi Clinic is one of the rare clinics in India that practice “Shastrokt Ayurveda”. We treat patients with Ayurveda Prescriptions in conformity with the Literatures and manuscripts written by Ayurvedacharyas in books like, Atharvaveda, Sushruta Sanhita, Charak Sanhita, Bhela Samhita, Agnivesha Samhita, Kasyapa Samhita, Harita Samhita, Rasa Shastra,  Dravyaguna Sangraha, etc.

While treating our patients, we at Dr.Monga Medi Clinic make sure that each of our patients is issued a written prescription about his ailment, diagnosis, and cure. Medical prescription in any form including digital, is a document that provides first hand information to any medical practitioner, guides an attendant and is a health note for a patient. It helps in better coordination between the doctor, the attendant and the patient. We have been promoting ‘Shastrokt Ayurveda’ for over 7 decades with a motto to “adopt an empathetic approach towards the patients”.

We reinforce positive reassurance and provide the best treatment to patients’ satisfaction at low-cost. We issue prescriptions for Ayurvedic medicines in their generic forms, which can be availed from any Ayurvedic medical store.

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