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Masturbation : Myths & Facts

The following information is for educational purpose only and should not be considered as medical advice. Consult with qualified healthcare professionals for personalised recommendations.


Myth #1: “Only I masturbate in this world!”

Fact : Almost 98% of people masturbate – While the other 2% lies:

Masturbation is a common phenomenon, but not as universal as the myth is said to be. According to various surveys it has been estimated that 67% to 94% of men have masturbated at least once, and almost 43 to 67 percent have done it in the past month. The survey among women, have established that almost 43 to 85% masturbate. It is true that masturbation is still stigmatized; even in surveys it has been proved that the actual rates are somewhat higher. But indeed clearly, masturbation is not universal.

Myth #2: Masturbation damages genitals.

Fact : Not true. One of the functions of genitals is, in fact, Masturbation.

The consideration that men are stroking their penises or women are rubbing their clitorises is extremely unlikely to damage the genitals. This is a complete myth. The truth is that the biological purpose of life is to reproduce life; hence, the genitals have been evolved over eons to be tough. The risk lies in the little chafing of the tender genital skin over the extended sessions.

Myth #3: Masturbation results in mental illness

Fact : Not True.

The truth is that, masturbation cause only one mental pressure, that is, guilt!
Usually the youth spends all their life hearing that it’s abnormal, perverted and also a process to sure to send you towards torment and torture. But every best doctor in Delhi agrees: Masturbation is a normal, healthy procedure, and does not cause any kind of physical or mental health problems.

Myth #4: Masturbation can sexually utilize you

Fact : No true.

At birth, you are never given some predetermined count of orgasms, and once you are supposed to run through them, that you begin start counting them. There’s no limit over the number of orgasms people can actually experience. There might be some limit on the number you want, but there is actually no limit over the number of orgasms you can have within your lifetime. So masturbation can never use them up. Nor does the process utilize men’s sperm or even the semen. In normal, healthy every individual, can enjoy the process.

Myth #5: Vibrators can ruin vagina

Fact : Does anytime driving ruins you for walking? So, Not true.

No, not at all, it just helps you reach your destination faster.
The same is true for the process of sex with and without vibrators. The vulva, the clitoris, the nipples, and various other parts of the body respond to erotic stimulation no matter where it originally comes from: Fingers, Tongue, Penis, Vibrators.  Vibrators produce that most intense sensation, so that most women reach orgasm at a faster rate. It is also true that using such vibrators even at a frequent rate, does not change women’s ability to counter to various types of sexual stimulation..

Myth #6: Women can become somewhat addicted to vibrators

Fact : Not true.

It is said that over time, some women become particularly fond of the vibrator stimulation and even enjoy it during both solo as well as partner sex. It is simply a personal preference, and not at all an addiction. If women need vibrators to have some orgasms, that is absolutely fine. There is nothing wrong with incorporating such vibes into partner sex.

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