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How can yoga help to cure diabetes?

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Yoga offers endless health benefits. Yoga will keep your mind and body relaxed, active, and energetic. It helps in proper blood circulation in the body. Hence, many diabetic patients are trying to get healed with various yoga poses. Doctors also recommend yoga to diabetic patients as this can lower the blood sugar level and improve blood circulation in the body. Many ask, can yoga cure diabetes permanently? To get the answers, one should know how various yoga poses heal a diabetic patient.

Benefits of yoga in diabetes

Yoga has a healing effect on the body. Different yoga poses offer different benefits. Let us check how a diabetic patient gets benefits from yoga.

  • If you practice asanas daily, it will rejuvenate the pancreatic cells. Yoga postures stretch the pancreas and automatically stimulates the production of insulin in the body. 
  • Regular yoga practice will help the muscle cells to uptake more glucose. This system will lower the blood sugar level from the blood cells. 
  • Many get diabetic due to obesity. Yoga poses help in weight reduction. The more you reduce your weight, the lesser you will get attacked by diabetes. 

Yoga postures for diabetic patients

Mental stress is one of the prime causes of diabetes. Yoga helps a lot in stress management and helps reducing blood sugar levels. Here every diabetic patient needs an expert’s guidance before start yoga practice at home. Here you must be curious to know which asana is useful in diabetesThe asanas like

  • Upavista Bakrasana or sitting crane.
  • Bakrasana or standing crane.
  • Dhanurasana, etc., are great for healing diabetes.
Yoga asans to cure diabetes
Yoga asans to cure Diabetes

Apart from asanas, doctors also suggest for breathing exercises to lower the blood sugar level. These breathing exercises prove immensely effective for diabetes patients.

Anulom Blom:- This nostril breathing exercise gives a calm effect to the nervous system. This pranayama helps to maintain stress and keep the blood sugar level under control. 

Kapalbhatti:- This is a quick inhale and exhale of breath. It stimulates the pancreas and improves the production of insulin. These breathing exercises help in maintaining a balance between the pituitary gland and pancreas. 

These asanas and pranayamas help to control the blood sugar level. Regular practice of yoga will balance the BMR or the Basic Metabolic Rate.  

Yoga and other mind-body therapies are doing well in treating diabetes. These therapies reduce the level of hyperglycemia that creates stress in human beings. Hence these therapies make a good effect in controlling blood glucose. There are various other yoga techniques that you can learn when you connect with a professional yoga practitioner or even take suggestions from doctors in this regard.

To manage the medical condition of diabetics, what is most important is being disciplined in life. Yoga demands discipline in life, and you need to follow the recommended yoga steps daily to ensure that blood circulation remains perfect within your body. With diabetes, an individual can lead a healthy and satisfying life if remain disciplined and follow the right diet and yoga daily. 

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