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What is the best treatment for PCOD?

The following information is for educational purpose only and should not be considered as medical advice. Consult with qualified healthcare professionals for personalised recommendations.

Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD), also known as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), emerged out as one of the common health conditions affecting around 5% to 10% of the women population globally falling in the age bracket of 12–45 years. This is a common hormonal disorder found in women during their reproductive age. There can be enough reasons because of which woman experiences the problem of PCOD. The key factors responsible for PCOD are heredity and ecology. Besides these, women having a weight problem, insufficient physical activity can face PCOD. So, a woman must consult with doctors for PCOD Problems in Delhi to get the best remedy and treatment to manage this health issue and to enjoy a healthy life.

Symptoms of PCOD?

  • Cysts development in the ovaries in large numbers
  • A higher level of male hormones
  • Experiencing irregular or skipped periods

What are the possible problems one may face due to PCOD?

Visiting a doctor will help you to understand the symptoms that a woman may face due to PCOD. Common problems faced due to PCOD:

1. Oligomenorrhea, a condition that displays infrequent occurrence of menstrual periods. It may lead to experiencing lower than nine menstrual periods in a year.

2. Amenorrhea is termed as the absence of monthly menstruation, missing one or more menstrual periods consecutively. PCOD can be a reason behind this, or it can be pregnancy.

3. Anovulation is the condition when the ovaries fail to release an oocyte in the menstrual cycle. It can be due to PCOD and may cause infertility in women. This health condition also creates a higher level of masculinizing hormones in the woman’s body and breaks out of acne get common.

4. Hair thinning or hair loss is common to see in a PCOD patient.

Hence, a woman should consult with doctors for the best PCOD treatment in Delhi, and here she can count on ayurvedic treatment for better results. The moment you diagnose irregular yet painful periodic cycles, ensure you meet your doctor immediately.

What Ayurveda treatment of PCOD deals with?

As per Ayurveda, PCOD happens due to Kapha or Vata disorder within a woman. This disorder generates an imbalance in the performance of ovulation. The trained ayurvedic doctors suggest effective treatment for PCOD in Delhi so that it can be healed naturally. Panchakarma is the primary treatment of PCOD, where the process of complete cleansing of the body is done. The processes like Basti, Uttar Basti, virechan, and vaman are followed to give the patient an adequate remedy. This therapy cleanses the body and mind and restores the menstruation cycle and ovulation. Besides such therapies, the doctors also suggest patients pay special attention to their lifestyle and follow a proper diet. If required, then diet charts and exercises will be recommended by the ayurvedic doctors to control the problem of PCOD. Look for the best Ayurveda doctor in Delhi, having expertise in treating issues like PCOD. Meet your doctor and share your problems in detail to help the doctor to treat you better and in the correct manner.

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