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Risk of receiving unprotected oral

The following information is for educational purpose only and should not be considered as medical advice. Consult with qualified healthcare professionals for personalised recommendations.

oral sex

What it means by oral sex? 

Oral sex is one style of sex-making. It involves the use of mouth, lips, and even tongue for stimulating the penis (fellatio), anus (anilingus), or vagina (cunnilingus) for making sex with a partner. The area surrounding the penis and testicles and for women, vagina, and surrounding area are involved at the time of oral sex making.

Many feel that Oral Sex is safe and free from transmitting disease. Researches show that most people falling in 25 to 44 years are more familiar with oral sex than their opposite-sex—many questions whether there is any Risk of receiving unprotected oral sex or not. Well, everybody should know that oral sex is not integrally safe sex. Though it is enjoyable,oral sex has risk sexually transmitted diseases too.

Raad : Risk of STD from Oral Sex

Harmfull effects & diseases from unprotected oral sex

Sore throat or cancer

Reading this, many will get surprised that oral sex can even cause cancer. But a person can indeed have a sore throat after unprotected oral. During oral sex, human papillomavirus passes from person to person. This virus causes cancer in the middle of the throat. HPV appears in the oral cavity, and it gets transmitted from the mother to the child during a child’s birth.

Gonorrhea is another type of throat infection that is caused due to unprotected oral sex. This infection seems to be tough to treat. To stay protected from this throat sore condoms, and dental gums are suggested as good protective measures. 


HSV 1 and HSV 2 cause Herpes in humans during unprotected oral sex. Herpes can spread faster than HIV within the body of the couples. Researches have proven that HSV spread during oral sex, not during genital sex. Individuals can suffer from Herpes even there is no symptom. A condom can be used as a protective measure, but it is not always supportive. This virus can spread from skin to skin. 


There is little research on this disease. But it has been noticed that a person can get infected with Chlamydia while performing unprotected oral sex. The symptoms of this disease are quite similar to Gonorrhea. 


It has been noticed that the chances of getting an std from one unprotected encounter during oral sex are not lesser than genital sex. In oral sex, too, HIV can transmit between the partners. The effective ways to stay protected from such transmission are using.

  • Condoms
  • Dental dams
  • Female condoms


Syphilis can easily get transmitted during unprotected oral sex. The disease can be transmitted at its primary and secondary stages. People hardly know that they have the disease, and it transmits to their partners during oral sex. 

Hepatitis B

Unprotected oral sex causes transmission of hepatitis B. However, one can get fully cured of both Hepatitis A and B once one gets vaccinated. 

Hence, everyone needs to understand the risk of having unprotected oral sex. By this time, you know what needs to be done, in this case, if you wish to mingle with your partner through oral sex.

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