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Things you need to know about nightfall

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Why Nightfall occurs ?

Nightfall occurs when there is a spontaneous orgasm during sleep. Mostly those in the teenage stage experience this phenomenon. It is one of the common incidents to witness in growing men. It is also called wet dreams or nocturnal emission. But, many do not understand the fact behind nigh falls and believe in lots of myths.

Ø It is wrong: There is a common myth that nightfall is wrong and should not happen to any man of any age. But the fact is that it is a physiological occurrence, and there is no abnormality behind this. Men face this incident while they are in their teenage, and it automatically disappears while they grow up. It is a standard process of your body to empty the reservoirs of sperm, and hence no one should feel guilty for this incident. Even men in the young adult age can experience the same once in a while.

Ø Creates illness: Many believe that nightfall causes many types of health disorders in men. It is a myth as this is a standard process experienced by every man on this earth, and there is no harm in it. However, if this happens to an individual at a high frequency, it can cause illness or create sex life disturbances. But treatments are there to manage such problems.

Ø Cause of weakness: Many believe that nightfall causes weakness. It is another absurd myth that many of us do believe. If nightfall is not experienced in high frequency, there is no chance of getting weak. It is a normal phenomenon. It happens when individuals do not get involved in masturbation or sex. This process helps to remove the excess sperm from the body and empty the reservoir. So, this normal process will never cause weakness to the body. 

Never belive these…

Ø Reduce sperm count: This is another ridiculous myth to believe. Many think that wet dreams can lower the sperm count, and hence men get afraid of this. But the fact is that this process never reduces sperm count. While the testicular sac gets overflowed with sperm, the body starts throwing them out naturally. This process helps to grow new and healthy sperms. 

Ø Shrinkage in the penis: There is a common myth prevailing that the size of the penis gets reduced due to nightfalls. But this is never possible. The reason is that the length of the penis does not depend on sexual health. The length of the penis neither depends on the physical illness nor the nightfall.

By this time, you got enough information about what is the truth behind the occurrence of nightfall seen in men. In case you still need some more information on the topic, we recommend you get in touch with one of the leading and trusted sexologists in your city ornyou may contact Dr.Monga Medi Clinic. Ayurvedic science is now offering excellent treatment for various sexual disorders, causing no side effects on the body.

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