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Case Studies – PCOD

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Case Studies – PCOD
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Disclaimer:  These are real case studies of our patients who have benefited from our treatment.  Names have been deliberately changed to protect identity on their request.  Aim of these case studies is to make you understand the problems people face and how have we been able to provide them with viable solutions. [Images used are for illustration purpose only].


Case Study # 1 

She is a young lady aged 25. Since the beginning of her periodic cycle she used to have irregular periods sometime low and sometimes heavy. She was considering it as a peculiar case and didn’t bother to go for medical checkup. She got married and it’s more than 2 years now she failed to conceive. She was worried and asked for suggestion to his husband who is quite a calm person. He suggested going for a specialist visit and choosing us for this.

Even after planning for 2 years she failed to conceive and her irregular periodic cycle is also making her confused in calculating the fertile days for conceiving. Even the bleeding she is having turning out to be irregular sometimes heavy and sometimes very low. She is very depressed and unhappy as she was keen to become a mother.

When we met the couple we found that here the husband is very supportive. Rather than blaming his wife he is with her to fight this problem with medical advice. Initially the lady was feeling shy to share her problem but we ensure that she feels free talking to us. She opened up about her periodic problem and the experience she goes through during that time. After hearing the case we doubted it to be PCOD. Well in case of polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD) there are multiple small cysts which develop in the female ovaries. Such cysts develop when the monthly changes of a natural menstrual cycle gets disrupted. The ovary gets enlarged; and starts producing excessive level of androgen and estrogenic hormones. Ovulation does not take place properly and in some cycle it actually don’t ovulate thereby reducing the chances of conceiving in the cycle. But before giving can medicine or diet we want to be sure. We asked for some ultrasound test and blood tests to be done and meet us again with the report.

After getting test done and collecting the report the couple met us again. Our observation was correct and she is having PCOD. We explained the issue and said that there is still hope if they follow our instruction. We recommended some exercise, change in diet plan and some medicine to smoothen the periodic cycle and make it 28 days cycle.  We asked them to maintain regular sexual relation and remain free from stress. The instruction was given for 3 months with a follow up visit. Trust us they met us on 5th month and she is already pregnant of 2 months.

Case Study # 2

She was a 32-year-old female who was working as a computer programmer in an IT company. She married her classmate and they had lived a good and healthy life together. After 3 years of her marriage, she started complaining about irregular menses, her flow lasted for 5 days. She shared everything with her dear friend and she was advised to pay a visit to our gynaecologist.

She was a married woman and the expectations of the family were very high. She had to think about the future of themselves with the proper functioning of the reproductive organs to have a child in the near future. She told us that, she was having the same kind of unusual menses since she was 12. Due to this behaviour, she worried a lot and she couldn’t concentrate on her professional and personal life. Her charm was missing and she wanted to relieve the concern after visiting us.

She was accompanied by her friend who suggested to visit our clinic. She looked an obese, timid and lazy female with delayed menses and irregularity of the same. She told us everything how she started putting on weight and how her irregular menses changed her life entirely. After her concern, we assumed that the symptoms are of the P.C.O.D. (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). We prescribed a couple of blood and urine tests to confirm our assumptions. We requested her to visit us again along with the reports prescribed by us!

She visited us with the given blood and urine tests reports. After checking out the reports, we learnt that she is suffering from P.C.O.D. We said everything to her what’s there in the reports. We shared how almost 20% of women of this planet earth are having the same disease like her. We advised her not to worry about the disease as there are many ways treatments available in the advanced medical science. We prescribed some medicines to start with and offered a diet plan to follow regularly and this way she can cure this disease. We asked her to take regular medicines and come for a visit to us after 1 month. As requested by us, she visited us again after 1 month. She looked very confident as she learnt to deal with this disease. The reports showed many improvements which is a good sign to cure P.C.O.D. soon.

Case Study # 3

 She is 28 years old and married the love of her life. After three years into their marriage, the couple decided to plan for a baby but they failed. She has always had irregular menstrual cycles and thought it might be the reason behind not being able to conceive. She discussed the issue with her husband and both of them decided to get medical help. They came to us for consultation.

On their first appointment, the couple came together and this was a sign enough that they are supportive of each other and could be able to handle any negative situation without parting their ways. The couple had been trying to conceive a baby but in vain. They looked quite stressed. Their family has also been pressurising them to start a family and this is adding to their misery.

She was young, smart, and bold and so was her husband. They opened up about their intimate relationship. She also discussed with us her period cycle without being hesitant. After hearing to them, we decided to prescribe some tests to them. But, it was not difficult for us to understand that who is suffering from a disorder. The lady was obese and had an acne breakout. As these are also some symptoms of a reproductive disease, we were more or less sure that the lady might be suffering from PCOD i.e. polycystic ovarian disorder where several cysts are formed inside the ovaries and disrupt the regular menstrual cycle. Nevertheless, in order to make the final diagnosis, we asked both of them to take some tests.

They came to us with the reports. The man’s reports were normal. We were correct, the lady had PCOD. We counseled the couple as they got really disturbed after we told them about the disorder. With the help of some visual presentations, we explained to them every relevant detail about PCOD and how it prevents fertilization. We assured them that they too can lead a normal life. There were minor hopes of her conceiving the baby and we assured them that we will give our best to help them out. We prescribed her some medicines. We recommended her regular exercise and proper diet. We also recommended some lifestyle changes. She followed the instructions and came for a follow-up. She is absolutely fine and is soon going to deliver a baby.

Case Study # 4

 She had the age of 23 years when she got married to a professor. She did not talk to her husband about the problem early on but she was having irregular menstrual cycles or periods for a few years. The discharges were also heavy or low, and not normal and consistent. Now she is 25 and after 2 years of marriage, she still does not have any children. While her husband was very supportive, he also wanted her to bear children and therefore wanted her to go to a clinic or doctor. The husband was sure that there was some major health issue affecting the women as apart from infertility there were also health issues concerning her wife. Hence he wanted that the wife should see the doctor first. The couple talked about the problem with some of their close friends and relatives. A family friend guided the couple to our clinic.

The lady was a bit hesitant and did not wish to talk about a disease that affected her menstrual cycle, but later she opened up. The patient had multiple symptoms of PCOD or Polycystic Ovarian Disease. She had sleep apnea and was having eating disorders and anxiety lately. She also reported that she suffered from abnormal menstrual or uterine bleeding so that the discharges were sometimes low and sometimes quite large. Infertility was also affecting her as she failed to bear children for the past 2 years.

As we were able to decipher, the patient has almost all the symptoms of PCOD. PCOD involves the formation of a number of small cysts that develop within the ovary of the female. The ovary also gets to be larger than normal and there is excessive production of estrogens and androgens. Ovulation may be totally absent or may be abnormal. Hence infertility affects the female. We wanted to be sure about the condition and hence advised her to undergo certain blood tests and ultrasound test.

The tests and lab reports revealed that the patient was actually affected by PCOD. We provided the patient diet plan, and exercise schedule. We also prescribed certain medicines so that the menstrual cycle is of 28 days and is smooth and normal. Further, we also advised the patient to have sex regularly and to be joyful and free from stress. After following our instructions for a period of 4 months, she became healthy once again and also got pregnant.

Case Study # 5

 She worked in the banking industry, in a prominent national bank located in a metropolitan city. She was not married and a happy and joyful life. At the age of 24, she started witnessing certain health problems. These included more than a normal hair on the face as well as the body, irregular menstrual cycles, menstrual periods that were very sometimes very heavy and acne. She talked to her female colleagues regarding this problem and one of them guided her to our clinic.

The patient reported that the medical problems were affecting her for the past 1 year or so. The heavy and painful menstrual periods were particularly distressing for her. She said that these problems were affecting her personal as well as professional life. She also reported that the growth of excessive hair on her face and other body areas were a cause of embarrassment, and she was getting social embarrassed because of her somewhat abnormal look.

She said that she planned to marry soon but these problems were not allowing her to lead a happy married life and that she was also being rejected by certain bachelors on the grounds of looks.

We carried out a physical examination of the patient and also asked her to undergo certain clinical tests. We found the patient was suffering from hormonal imbalances and the disease by the name Polycystic Ovarian Disease or Syndrome (P.C.O.D.). The patient was suffering from many of the symptoms associated with this disease.

We found the testosterone or male hormone level very high in the female patient. We provided the patient certain hormonal balancing pills so that her physiological processes could be optimized and a better hormonal balance could be achieved in her body. We also found that the patient was leading a sedentary lifestyle and the lack of exercise was also exacerbating the problems. We provided the patient certain dietary tips and also asked her to do exercises regularly.

The patient was very happy after 4 months of treatment as many of the painful and embarrassing medical conditions were controlled or overcome. Her normal menstrual cycle was restored and there was no pain witnessed by her lately. She thanked us for our timely help and said that she planned to marry soon as her abnormal hair growth was also reduced. She was able to have a timely and fruitful because she approached us early.

Case Study # 6

 Poor food habit, polluted lifestyle and life full of stress aresome of the things which are developing reproductory problems in women and one among them is PCOD. She used to have irregular periodic cycle since her college days but she ignored as many said that such problems are common and things will fall in shape once she gets married. She went by their words and never meets a specialist for this problem. After some days she also got married by 3 years passed she failed to conceive even after trying. The problem of irregular period still continued and she was worried and relatives started poking as when they are going to have their child.  With every passing day life was getting ridiculous for her and her husband.  Her husband is quite patient type of person and never criticized her for delaying in pregnancy. But when so many people starting interfering in their life the couple got disturbed and depressed in life. They decided to take a step ahead and find out the actual problem which is creating barrier in having the child. They decided to meet us in our clinic.

The couple is keen to have their child and they said that they want a complete checkup for both of them to know where the problem arises. She also shared the fact of irregular and heavy period although not painful. They said the level of depression is so high in their life that they sometimes feel like adopting a child. They are ready to go for any type of treatment to have the child if possible or else they will surely going to adopt.

We found that the couple is very keen to have their own child and on the other hand open to adopt one if there is some problem in them. We found them to be a positive couple as they want to stay together even by adopting a child. Well in this case we doubted PCOD in her. We recommended some X ray and tests for both of them and especially for her to know the estrogen level.

Yes, the report said she is having PCOD which is causing the problem but treatment can help them having a child. We gave her 3 months medicine,little exercise and a diet chart to follow. This will help in treating irregularity in cycle with controlled level of hormone in the body. She did so and by end of 7th month she was pregnant and delivery healthy twins.

Case Study # 7 

They are trying so long to have their baby but nothing happened in the last 5 years time. Even with every passing day the period cycle of the wife is getting disturbed and in some months she don’t actually having period. She ignored the fact and that thought that it is nothing to do with pregnancy. Periods should happen to prove her fertile and delay or so in the same makes no sense that she all thought. But she was not aware that there is a problem in her which was reflected long back. The level of depression kept increasing when year after year they fail to conceive. Then one day her husband spoke about his anxiety with one of his very close friends. Without thinking much he recommended home our name as he and his wife also passed through same problem and got treatment from us and now they are having 2 lovely girls in their life as daughters. Without wasting much time the couple decided to meet us in our cabin.

They told that even after trying for so many years they are unable to conceive. Aside to this she is having irregular but not painful periodic cycle. She also said that she is having huge growth of hairin the arms, legs and body and the worst part is she is losing her head hairs very fast. The couple clarified they are having healthy sex but nothing actually is happening. He also said that he is not alcoholic or addicted to smoking.

After getting the view from the couples we predicted to be a case of PCOD. But nothing can be said clearly till the time we get the reports. We asked her to get abdomen extra done on the 3rd day of next cycle and few blood tests.

After getting the tests done she came with her husband in our clinic. We predicted it corrected as it is a clear case of PCOD.  We gave some medicine and recommended for ART treatment for conceiving. We also suggested some exercise too. We clarified that if she undergoes such treatment then chances of conceiving increases. She followed our instruction and maintains healthy sexual relation with her husband. Yes, she finally conceived after 8 months of the treatment and in few months time will deliver her first baby. It’s a successful case in our records.

Case Study # 8


She was a 29 year old beautiful lady and got married 2 years ago and trying to conceive since then. Her family was worried about her health. She was living with her husband who was working in multinational company as chief engineer. They both were happy with each other only thing missing in their family was a baby. They badly wanted to be parents but fail to do even after trying from so long. One of her friend suggested her to consult a doctor and seek a medical help. She consulted to her family gynaecologist but did not get any result. This was affecting her mentally and physically.

They wanted to start a family but failed even after many attempts. At the age of 23, her mother expired which was so stressful time for her and she missed her period in that month after that her periods were irregular. She had no idea that this irregularity will affect her this way. She decided to do something for this and will seek medical help from the best doctors. She was not sure whether she will be able to conceive or not. This was so depressing for her.

When she visited our office she was in excessive stress. We relaxed her and offered a glass of water. She was looking pale and fatty. We assured her for best treatment and sure shot result. She explained us her problem in detail and was ready to follow our instructions.  We advised her to go through few medical tests to check the exact reason behind the irregularity of periods. We also suggested her to come back to our clinic with her husband and medical test reports.

She entered with her husband who was emotionally supporting her at every stage of her treatment we were happy to see that as this was a ray of hope. A patient gets treated faster if they have strong support system. We examined her reports and got to know that this was the case of P.C.O.D. The exact reason for this illness is not known yet but stress and bad eating habits are few reasons behind this disease. We advised her to strictly follow our ayurvedic treatment and diet plan. We told her husband to help her wife relieve the stress and keep her happy. They followed our instructions and after 1 year they thanked us for the treatment as they are going to become parents soon.

Case Study # 9 

She was a beautiful and smart lady, who got married 3 year ago. This 26 year old charming lady was living with her in laws and was a perfect housewife. As every concerned parent, her in-laws also wanted her to conceive but even after trying for last 2 years, she was unable to do so. They used to pressurize her to conceive and bring happiness to their lives. She was concerned as even after trying so long why she is unable to conceive. She discussed this problem to her mother-in-law and she suggested her to visit us for medical advice.

Since her teenage she was having irregular period which she considered as normal hormonal imbalance. She faced immense itching and irritation at the time of periods, And she thought it to be because of lack of vaginal hygiene. She did not consider it as a serious problem and had not made any effort to consult any doctor. But her irregular period cycle created a hindrance in her family planning. She was so depressed and sad as she badly wanted to give birth to a child and have her own family. They finally decided to come to us and she was accompanied with her mother-in-law who was caring and supportive in her difficult time.

The best point about this case was that she has full support from her husband’s family and they reacted so calmly on this irregularity of her. At first she was uncomfortable to share her problem with us but when we assured her about privacy she felt like sharing her problem with us. After hearing her symptoms we doubted that this can be a case of P.C.O.D but before landing on any conclusion we suggested her to be calm and go for few blood tests and an ultrasound tests and visit us again with reports.

After going through her tests results, we were sure that this was the case of P.C.O.D, a polycystic ovarian disease. In this disease ovary gets enlarged; and starts producing excessive level of androgen and estrogenic hormones which results in improper ovulation or nil ovulation thereby reducing the chances of conceiving in the cycle. We advised her Ayurvedic medicine to make her periods regular along with some exercise and changes in diet plan. We also suggested them to be patient and make stress free sexual relation. After following our treatment strictly, she has come up with positive changes and is now a mother of 2 months old cute baby girl.

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