Dermatological Issues

Skin Allergies

Do you have rashes or itching on skin? Do you often suffer from red, bumpy, scaly or swollen skin? Your skin is flaky? Is this seasonal? MAY BE YOU ARE SUFFERING FROM ALLERGIES… What is

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Are there any silvery scales on your skin? Do you have any itching sensation or redness on your in skin or scalp? Do you fell any joint stiffness or nail abnormalities? MAY BE YOU HAVE

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Premature Graying

Is there any white or gray hairs on you head? Your gray hairs are less manageable or coarser? Your age is between 20 – 30? MAY BE YOU HAVE PREMATURE GRAYING… What is Premature Graying?

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Hair Dryness

  Do you have a frizzy hair? Is your hair dry and brittle? Are you suffering from dandruff? Your hair is more prone to breakage? MAY BE YOU HAVE HAIR DRYNESS…  What do you mean

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  Do you have dry, flaky scalp? Your scalp is itchy? Do you feel tightness on your scalp?   MAY BE YOU HAVE DANDRUFF…  What is Dandruff? Dandruff is a chronic skin condition, affecting the

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