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Ayurveda has effective solution for Piles

For easy defecation our anal cavity has elastic tissue to help control the passing of excreta.  This tissue needs a special kind of blood supply because it stretches and contracts.  At the anal cavity’s end, the intertwined groups of thin arteries and veins line the bottom’s one third portion of the rectum.  These are called

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Low Testosterone Induced Erectile Dysfunction

Causes : Low testosterone is a condition in men that hampers their sexual life. Low amounts of the hormone results in the lack of sexual drive and the inefficiency in getting an erection. This is a common problem in many men. Causes of Low testosterone induced erectile dysfunction: There are both physical and neurological causes

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Diabetes Induced Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual problem in men where they suffer from impotence. Around 35% to 75% of men who suffer from diabetes suffer from this ailment at some stage of their life or the other. The degree of severity varies from person to person. Men who suffer from diabetes suffer from this problem around

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Joint Pain can be treated effectively by Ayurveda

Recently, a patient is in his mid 40’s visited my clinic. He was suffering from severe joint pains. Just a month back his personal physician had put him on regular pain killers. Since, modern science does not believe in body constitution, he advised him without bothering to know about his Prakriti (nature) and disease type. He was

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Which doctor should I consult for height?

A man or a woman with a good height is something which all desire to be. In short, we all want to get a well-developed body with a good height. Normal individuals achieve their maximum height after attaining the age of 21. But Dr Monga in Delhi, with his medical treatment, proved that this number

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Best Ayurveda Treatment for piles at Dr Monga Clinic

When there are Swollen and inflamed veins in our rectum and anus leading to discomfort and even bleeding, it indicates we have piles. If you are suffering from piles, it will be extremely painful, and most of the time, doctors suggest surgery. But few are aware that as to how Ayurveda can treat piles magically.

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Who is the best doctor for sex problems in Delhi?

My friend and her husband were searching for who is the best doctor for sex problems in Delhi ? She came to me for advice, and I recommend that she pay a visit to Monga Clinic to get the best treatment. Everyone will ask why I recommended them to choose this Clinic. Dr Monga is one of

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Why Ayurvedic Treatment for Diabetes?

Why diabetes is disasterous ? Research shows that across the globe, countless people are suffering from Diabetic and the numbers are alarming. A person has diabetes when the body is not able to produce enough insulin. This lack of insulin production triggers an increase in blood sugar levels. Once the body starts producing excess glucose,

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What is the most effective treatment for ED ?

In recent times you will notice an increase in the number of erectile dysfunction cases in men. What as per you can be the reason behind the same? Well, the reasons can be many, and it can be due to unhealthy and hectic lifestyles. Men are highly prone to stress and anxiety in life, and

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Risk of receiving unprotected oral

What it means by oral sex?  Oral sex is one style of sex-making. It involves the use of mouth, lips, and even tongue for stimulating the penis (fellatio), anus (anilingus), or vagina (cunnilingus) for making sex with a partner. The area surrounding the penis and testicles and for women, vagina, and surrounding area are involved at

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How common is it to get an STD from oral?

Does STD’s (Sexually transmitted diseases ) spread through oral sex ? Most people in the age group between 18 to 44 years get involved in Oral Sex. STD from Oral sex is a process to stimulate the fellatio, cunnilingus, and anilingus by using lips, mouth, or tongue. Researches show that at least 80 percent of

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Foods that will help you to reverse type 2 diabetes

Diabetes is a very common name to all of us in recent days. Huge numbers of people from across the globe are suffering from this disease. Every patient who has type 2 diabetes should understand the reasons behind the occurrence of the disease. They also need to know the diet to follow to stay healthy

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