Treatment : Pre-Diabetes Reversal

Pre-diabetes means you are at risk; risk of falling victim to Type 2 diabetes. It is a precursor to larger implications, which might surface later on if not taken care. Ayurveda explains 20 types of urinary diseases or pramehas. These problem is caused because of imbalance of predominant doshas (10 due to kapha, 6 due to pitta and 4 due to vata), and physical appearance of urine. Diabetes or madhumeha kshaudrameha is one of the pramehas with the main symptom being ‘excessive urine with sweet taste like honey’. Pre-diabetes is described as prameha purvaroopa which means early signs and symptoms of diabetes or madhumeha.


The Pre-Diabetes symptoms may include:
•Dantaadeenam Malaadhyatwam (Bad oral hygiene)
•Chikkanata (Body always feels stuffed)
•Paani Padayoho Doho (Sensation of burns in your feet as well as palms).

Once diagnosed with Pre-diabetes, the only option that remians is to adopt a healthier lifestyle, which should include:

Physical Exercise
Move, avoid sitting on a sofa or bed or chair throughout the day. Being active will keep diabetes at bay. Add 90 minute physical exercise and 15 minutes of pranayama to your routine. Avoid lifts and start taking stairs. Walking and jogging in fresh air is a must. It will immediately lower blood glucose levels and decreases body fat.

Diet With Low Carbs, More Protien
Include lots of vegetables in your meal. Avoid starchy food, refined flour (maida), refined oil and sugar. Decrease the intake of rice and wheat. Add vegetables like spinach and other leafy greens, broccoli, carrots, and green beans. Add more high-fiber and whole-grain foods like brown rice and lots of salad. Increase the intake of protein like curd, milk, paneer, eggs, chana daal and chicken breast. You can have 1-3 servings of fruits daily.

Good Sleep
You body needs rest. Don’t stress it to the extent that your dosha suffer imbalance. Sound sleep is important for the body to get back to its original form. Less sleep makes it harder for your body to use insulin effectively. You body finds is very difficult to lose weight.
Adopt good sleep habits. Relax at regular intervals. Avoid using computer, watching TV and smartphone before retiring to bed.


The most effective Ayurvedic medicines that can help you in reversing Pre-diabetes stage are, Chandraprabhavati, Gurmar, and Triphala, as these are natural immunity booster and digestive aids and encourage healthier cardiovascular and respiratory functions. Amla can also be very helpful as it is high in vitamin C and its antioxidants help in absorption of insulin. Cinnamon can help lower blood sugar and fight diabetes. It imitates the effects of insulin and increases glucose transport into cells.


Our approach is simple, yet effective. More than anything else, at a Pre-diabetes stage, the patients need to be educated, so that they realise the gravity of the problem in hand and its available solutions. Our Diabetes Educators, through counselling, try to answer their every question and make them realise the presence of the danger lying ahead and simultaneously they also boost their confidence in fighting and winning this battle. Our Diet Consultants suggest ways to rectify their erratic food habits. Our Physicians give them written prescription about the course that has to be followed, which may contain integrative (Ayurveda & Allopath) medicines and advice. Then, our Patient Care Executives walk them through the entire treatment course through religious follow-ups.

Pre-Diabetes is a wakeup call. Answer it before it is too late.


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