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Article : Who is the best Doctor For STD Treatment in Delhi

Best Doctor for Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) in Delhi

STDs or Sexually Transmitted Diseases can be distressing & sometimes STD treatment in delhi becomes embarrasing . First and foremost, most of them cause painful lesions, and secondly, they lead to embarrassment. The majority of people suffering from any sexually transmitted disease feel a great deal of discomfort talking about it.

Though there are several treatment modalities available in the medical science that help treat STDs, Ayurveda extends the best STD treatment in Delhi. This ancient stream of medicinal science uses body systems, breathing techniques, and dietary habits to treat STDs’ symptoms. With Ayurveda, STDs can be controlled and cured easily.

What are STDs?

STDs spread through unprotected sexual contact. They are caused by the microorganisms that travel from one person’s body to the other through contact with semen, vaginal secretion, blood, or other body fluids.

According to Ayurveda, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are known as Firang or Upadamsha. The causes of STDs include-

  • Abrasion due to handling
  • Injuries due to bites/ teeth
  • Injuries due to nails
  • Unhygienic genitalia
  • Overindulgence in sexual activities
  • Infection via sexual contact (through vaginal infections)
  • Unethical or improper sexual indulgence

Classification of STDs

According to Ayurveda, STDs, or sexually transmitted diseases can be classified into five types. They are classified depending on the doshas and their symptoms. They include-

  • Vataja Upadamsha- Pain, pricking sensation, and black skin lesions
  • Pittaja Upadamsha- Pus formation and yellow discoloration
  • Kaphaja Upadamsha- Swelling and itching
  • Raktaja Upadamsha- Pus formation, yellow discoloration, and gangrenous lesions
  • Sannjpathaja Upadamsha- Combination of symptoms of Vataja, Pittaja, and Kaphaja Upadamsha.

Treatment of STDs

As already mentioned, Ayurveda extends the best STD treatment in Delhi. Ayurvedic doctors take a disease-centric approach and provide medicines as per the specific conditions. The medicines are given in conjugation with specific medications that boost the immune system.

The doctors may suggest an STD panel test in Delhi before providing the treatment.

Several studies support the fact that a few minor changes in the diet help manage sexually transmitted diseases. However, their effects (positive or negative) on STDs depends on the food taken. For instance, STDs like syphilis and gonorrhea react well to foods that help restore the body’s natural balance. On the other hand, food items like sugar, parsley, lettuce, processed food, refined food, citrus fruits, and alcohol accelerate the spread of infection and should be avoided at all costs.

The bottom line

Ayurveda has proved its mantle in the treatment of various medical conditions, including STDs. With Ayurveda, any sexually transmitted disease can be cured without any side effects. The natural remedies of Ayurveda ensure a safe and healthier future. More and more people are laying their faith in this ancient medicinal system.

If you or your loved one is suffering from a sexually transmitted disease, you must not feel ashamed or uncomfortable and contact an Ayurvedic doctor. With their effective treatment plan, they will help you eliminate this awful condition and provide you a healthy and safe tomorrow.


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