Panchkarma Treatments

Panchkarma Treatments Panchakarma treatments can be used to address a variety of health conditions, including: Stress and anxiety Stress and anxiety can be effectively managed with Panchakarma treatments. The therapy can help calm the mind and reduce stress levels through techniques such as: Abhyanga (oil massage) – a soothing full-body massage with warm herbal oils […]

Ayurveda has solution for Piles (Bawasir)


For easy defecation our anal cavity has elastic tissue to help control the passing of excreta.  This tissue needs a special kind of blood supply because it stretches and contracts.  At the anal cavity’s end, the intertwined groups of thin arteries and veins line the bottom’s one third portion of the rectum.  These are called […]

Why Ayurvedic Treatment for Diabetes?

ayurveda in Diabetes

Why diabetes is disasterous ? Research shows that across the globe, countless people are suffering from Diabetic and the numbers are alarming. A person has diabetes when the body is not able to produce enough insulin. This lack of insulin production triggers an increase in blood sugar levels. Once the body starts producing excess glucose, […]

Does Ayurvedic Treatment for skin Allergies work ?

skin allergy

How ayurveda considers skin allergies ? Allergy is termed as a disorder of the immune system. When a hypersensitive immune system reacts to any substance, it leads to allergic reactions. Anything, ranging from food, drugs, environmental assistants to temperature and weather, can act as a stimulus leading to allergy in a person. These substances may […]

Increase Height with Ayurvedic Medicine

Good height gives a pleasing personality to an individual irrespective of gender. But all are not that lucky to have a pleasing height, and there can be various reasons behind the same.The height of a human being mostly depends on heredity. For males, the highest growth rate is between 11 to 18 years, and for […]

Why Is Ideal Height Important? Height Increase Treatment in Delhi

A good height is an added advantage as it grabs the attention of the crowd quite fast. It’s a dream which all want to experience, and that is having a good height, and these days more people stay concerned about an increase in height. A boost in the level of confidence can easily be noticed […]