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Ayurveda has solution for Piles (Bawasir)

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For easy defecation our anal cavity has elastic tissue to help control the passing of excreta.  This tissue needs a special kind of blood supply because it stretches and contracts.  At the anal cavity’s end, the intertwined groups of thin arteries and veins line the bottom’s one third portion of the rectum.  These are called haemorrhoids and are present in everyone. Sometimes due to various causes, these vessel groups suffer varicosity and swell up.  This condition is called piles.  Most commonly it affects the age group of forty five years upwards to about sixty five years.  In most cases, the effects subside in about seven days.  But, in some case, this condition becomes chronic.

A chronic condition of piles may cause severe discomfort to the patient.  Some of the effects associated with the piles problem are:

  • Itchiness and soreness of anus. It can progress to severe discomfort during bowel movements and even sitting
  • Blood and/or mucous discharge
  • Leakage of faecal matter
  • Lumps in around the anal cavity
  • In extreme cases, complete blockage of the anal cavity

Ayurveda discusses this condition at length and describes in detail an effective solution of piles.  Piles fall under the Pitta Dosha section of ailments.  Ayurveda piles problem solution is two-fold.  A patient is given herbs to balance the Pitta while certain procedures are administered at the same time to provide relief from the symptoms.  Some of these treatments are:

  • A cotton thread treated with special herbs and salt is tied around the piles, constricting it’s blood supply.  The herbs prevent infection and help drying of the tissue.  Overtime the piles drop off.
  • Sesame oil or paste is applied over the anal cavity.  After sometime, the patient is made to sit in a tub full of herb infused water with their buttocks fully immersed.  The anal area is than patted dry with a cotton cloth.  This procedure is repeated two to three times daily.
  • Certain Ayurvedic herbs help in restoring the Pitta Balance. Differing combinations of these herbs in Ayurveda can help cure piles. Herbs like Triphala, Trivert, Chitraka, Haritaki, Bhallataka, Danti, Nagakesara, Aragwadha, Soorana, Mulaka, draksha prove very effective in piles.

Always consult a certified Ayurveda practitioner to get your piles problem solved.

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