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Does diabetes cause erectile dysfunction?

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Erectile dysfunction is one of the popular diseases that are suffered by most of the men around the globe. The man who is suffering from erectile dysfunction cannot rise to the occasion and perform sexual functions. The man might have a desire for sex and also have an attractive sex partner but cannot perform sexual intercourse as his penis cannot perform.  There are several factors that cause erectile dysfunction. Some of them could be medical causes and some might even surgery. This disease is quite common among men aged above 50 years. One of the medical conditions that cause erectile dysfunction is diabetes.

Before we discuss on Diabetes and erectile dysfunction, you should know how the erection is caused. This is a combination of emotional and physical energy. When that part of the brain that controls sexual activity is aroused, the blood circulation to the penis is increased. This leads to the supply of energy as well as oxygen to the muscles and cells in the penis and results in an erection.

But when someone is affected by diabetes, it affects the body organs that are responsible for sensitivity in the nervous system. This results in erectile dysfunction. As seen earlier, the common senses are communicated to the brain through the spinal cord. This part of the brain will arouse the sexual activity by pumping blood to the muscles in the penis. Hormones like adrenaline will also be released to the muscles and cells in the penis. When someone is affected by diabetes, they will not have the ability to take glucose from the blood serum. So the cells and muscles that help in the erection are starved and will not be able to perform. When the cells are supplied with less blood glucose the nervous system also functions very slowly. The brain does not get the adequate communication as the potassium and sodium pump is less active.

Modern medicine has come up with Erectile dysfunction treatment. The patient affected by this disease might undergo a surgery where the penile implant will be done. There is also a non-surgical procedure that is done through the vacuum pump. The pump creates a vacuum while forcing the penis to erect. But this will disappear almost immediately when the pump is removed. The most popular remedy is to go for male enhancement pills. There are several pills available in the market which helps the men to get an orgasm and enjoy their sexual life. But remember that it is ideal to go for the male enhancement pills that are made out of natural products rather than go for the chemical ones. The pills that are natural will be made out of plants, herbs, vitamins, and mineral supplements and are safe. They will not even cause any side effects. Sometimes the result achieved could be delayed but these are ideal for a long-lasting sexual relationship with your partner.

We have seen all about diabetes and erectile dysfunction. In case, you are a diabetic, and are suffering from erectile dysfunction, get in touch with the Diabetes and erectile dysfunction doctor. The doctor will provide you with the right treatment so that you get back your lost sex life in a healthy manner.

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