Ayurveda has solution for Piles (Bawasir)


For easy defecation our anal cavity has elastic tissue to help control the passing of excreta.  This tissue needs a special kind of blood supply because it stretches and contracts.  At the anal cavity’s end, the intertwined groups of thin arteries and veins line the bottom’s one third portion of the rectum.  These are called […]

Are you suffering from Diabetes Diarrhea?


What is Diabetes Diarrhea? A gastrointestinal obstacle of diabetes that perseveres from specific weeks to months called diabetes diarrhea. It transpires in people with imperfectly controlled insulin-dependent diabetes along with verification of diabetic peripheral and autonomic neuropathy.  Condition is often accompanied by fecal incontinence and autonomic neuropathy thought to be an underlying mechanism. Soaring blood […]