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Case Studies – Height Enlargement

Case Studies – Height Enlargement

Disclaimer:  These are real case studies of our patients who have benefited from our treatment.  Names have been deliberately changed to protect identity on their request.  Aim of these case studies is to make you understand the problems people face and how have we been able to provide them with viable solutions. [Images used are for illustration purpose only].

Case Study # 1 

He was well qualified and gifted professor, but despite enjoying a successful career, he did not seem as happy or satisfied. He avoided attending public events and functions and often remained aloof and secluded. Though his parents tried to get him married, his short stature proved to be a major hindrance. When his mother shared her concern about the future and happiness of her son with a neighbour and friend, she was advised to visit our clinic. She convinced her son and he along with his parents came to our clinic on the appointed day.

Irrespective of being one of the best teachers within his niche, his short height often made him a subject of ridicule amongst his peers and students. He was also disturbed by the fact that his short height was preventing him from enjoying the bliss of married life. These incidents had left him wondering, whether he would be ever able to enjoy a happy and normal life. He had even tried the various height gain products offered in the market but to no avail.

The fact that he had been accompanied to our clinic by his parents was indicative of their unconditional love and support. Despite suffering from great depression, we advised him to give up his worries. Life turned out to be miserable for him and sometime people also make joke of him because of his height. Even such act of people also hurt his parents which was quire depressing for him. The worst part in this case which we came to know is that out of depression he even attempted to commit suicide. We conducted an initial examination to decide about the best ways to increase his height.

Our examination helped us understand that his height could be increased with proper diet, exercise and specific medication. Our primary focus was on improving his diet and exercise routine while the medicines would be used only to enhance their effect. He promised to follow our advice and medication and within a few days he experienced a minor change in his physical stature. We advised him to follow the routine for a period of three months to see a visible increase in height. He followed our instruction carefully and at end of 3 months treatment he actually attained a good height. He didn’t become tall but yes he achieved an average height for sure.

Case Study # 2


Although being gifted by all the blessing from God, he seems not satisfied by his physical appearance. He has a good career in a multi-national company and was earning a good salary. He got a beautiful wife and a happy family. However, he often remains sheltered and aloof due to his short height. His wife noticed this and decided to take the advice from our clinic. So along with his wife, he visited our clinic for proper medication.

Although he was a good and experienced employee of his company, he was not recognised completely for his efforts. He also lost his self-confident and fails to perform well when the opportunities knock in her career. He was well aware that his short height was the major reason for his all the problems and hindrance in the career growth. He was worried about his future and wondered whether he will be able to get a normal life where he can be confident enough while facing people. So far he also tried several height gain products that are available in the market, but everything was of no use. He started losing interest in life and in everything he does.

Her wife brought him to our clinic, this shows her love and concern towards him. We motivated him and asked him to remove all his worries and he will gain perfect height after the proper medication. He said that people make his joke and so far he is living a miserable life both mentally and physically. Sometimes, people also hurt her wife and comment. His wife said that due to depression, he also thought of suicide. We diagnosed the problem and conducted initial level tests to find the reason for the low height.

After the complete analysis and diagnosis, we understood that the height can be increased with proper medication and balanced diet. The medicines we suggested will have more effect when he intakes a balanced diet with proper exercises. The routine needs to be followed for few months to get the desired result. After the few months of treatment, he is becoming tall and attaining a good height. He now gained an average height that developed his confidence and now he is able to face the world with more confidence. His wife also took enough care and boosted positive energy and the overall result is his high self-confident and an attractive personality.

Case Study # 3 

During his childhood, he was always showered with several adjectives like cute, attractive, and good-looking. He grew up with the dream of making it big in the world of cinema. His dreams shatter as he could not attain the desired height. In his school days too, he was the shortest amongst his classmates. His parents knew about his worries and always consoled him telling that he would attain a good height. But, this could not happen. He remained short and hence, a butt of all jokes. His self-confidence began to tremble and he fell into the trap of depression. Worst happened when he proposed to a girl from his college and she rejected his proposal due to his short height. His elder brother couldn’t bear his ordeal and hence, convinced him to consult us.

He visited our clinic with his elder brother who was equally concerned about his brother’s mental wellbeing. He has always imagined himself on the silver screen but reality check happened when he got rejected after giving several auditions. He even tried to participate in a national level model hunt but could not even gain an entry into the competition. The repeated outright rejections made him fall deep into self-loathe. He even stopped socializing after the rejections and dejections.

When we first met him, we knew that our first step should be to boost his confidence. In the first appointment, we indulged in a friendly chat and let him speak his mind. He shared with us all his concerns and even broke down in tears several times during the conversation. We called him again for the second appointment where he was accompanied by his father. We carried out a physical examination and assured him that he will attain a decent height. After initial counseling, we managed to bring him out of depression. After a few appointments, he looked confident and happy.

After establishing a healthy mental state, we began our drill to tackle the major issue, his height. We planned a special diet for him and recommended special exercises to increase his height. We also advised him to indulge in various physical activities. He strictly followed all the recommendations and gained a few inches. He is literally very happy and was very grateful to us. He is still hoping to add few more inches and we know that he will surely reach a decent height.

Case Study # 4

He was a brilliant student at the age of 22. He excelled in academics and passed every class and college degree in flying colors. He was also good at sports and was excellent at playing outdoor games including cricket and football. What was problematic to him was that he had a relatively short height, which was a hurdle that he needed to clear in order to get entry into Army and/or Police, the profession he liked the most. He was not unaware of the medical, therapeutic, and physical effects of the herbal drugs, which he came to know about from books, internet, and other kinds of informative literature. He talked to his distant relative who was also a nurse about the disorder concerning his height, and the relative guided him to our renowned and modern clinic.

He was sad and depressed about his short height. Even after excelling in academics and sports, he could not get employed in the profession he liked the most. His parents also wanted to get him married, but his short height was also a problem in this regard as well. Further, he was not happy with the social ridicules and bullying, which he had to with withstand in school, college and in other social and educational places. He said that height is very important for him to be confident, and to be in the line of the profession he wanted.

One thing that was very positive and was associated with the patient was that his parents were very supportive. We found that the short height of the patient was causing anxiety, depression, inferiority feelings, and other kinds of psychological and mental issues. To know more about the hormonal and other medical conditions and aspects of the person, we guided him to undergo certain clinical tests so that his inner physiology was better revealed.

We initiated a diet program, a  regular exercise regimen for the patient to follow, and also provided the patient certain medications of herbal origin. We advised the patient to abide by the diet charts, to exercise regularly, and to follow the medications as well for one month period. The combined therapeutic approach brought the desirable effects and the patient gained a fraction of centimeters within the first month itself. We had good experience in the field and new that positive results are bound to come. At the end of 4-month schedule, the patient was able to gain and add a few more inches to his height, which was crucial for him to be professionally successful and socially happy. He was delighted by the end effect of the therapeutic program and soon also got a job in the police department.

Case Study # 5

Height is one key feature in humans which makes even a common looking man or woman look attractive. Sneha (name changed) is a teenage girl and just because of her elegant look she managed to earn a good popularity in school. She is the main lead of her school play; center girl in group dance and a brilliant speaker in debate and elocution in inter school competition. As the class progressed she noticed that she was missing the usual popularity she used to gain in the school. No more she is getting selected in the school play nor is she the center girl for group dance. She wondered what the reason behind this problem is. She asked her teacher about this but she overlooked her query and diverted her with some other reasons. One day her best friend overheard teacher discussion and found that because of her short height she is missing the scopes. It is true that she is the shortest girl in the school. Knowing this she was highly depressed and don’t know what to do. When she spoke to her mother about this she was also shocked and she realized that actually Sneha is quite low in height compared to the rest girls in the school.

Sneha want to be a successful girl in her life and all of a sudden she realized the fact that she is lagging behind just because of a silly cause of short height. The situation was quite depressing for her and she was looking for some solution which can increase her height and bring to at least an average level if not making her the tallest girl in the batch.

We listened to Sneha and her mom patiently and understood the fact that the problem is genuine. In most of the cases we found that in short height cases the main reason is unbalanced hormone in the body which restrict the growth and poor diet. We asked her to get some test done which are prescribed by us and get back to us.

After checking the reports we found that our observation was correct. We recommended some medicine and specific exercise which can boost the speed of growth in a natural way. We also recommended a specific diet for her which she needs to follow. She did so for 6 months and was really happy with the growth of height she gained in this time period.

Case Study # 6

Mohan (Name changed) is a young boy of 14. He is a fun loving and happy boy who is good in studies too. In the initial years he started growing up like any other kid of his society but after 2-3 years since his birth he was not growing in the same pace. His parents overlooked this problem and slow by slow he attend the age of 14 years with poor height development.  Things turn worst when his friend started bulling him for his short height. He started feeling really depressed and then when his parents understood that there is some problem with him which needs medical attention. His mother is a teacher by profession and she discussed this issue with one of her colleagues. He said that there is one boy in his neighborwho passed through same problem. He availed treatment from us and now growing well.

As a mother Mohan’s mom was quite tensed because of slow growth of his son’s height. She was wondering if this is some disease which affected the growth or heis going to be of this height forever.  Mohan was also hurt by the behavior of his classmates to regularly irritate him.  Even his sports teacher also said no for including him in the school basketball team. Mohan himself is well aware that he is good in studies and can do well in sports too if he gets chance but there was no sign of hope for him. He was just ready to do whatever he can to work on his height.

When he visited us and shared with us his story we also felt really sad. But we understood the fact that there must be some deficiency in the hormones which are working behind this problem. We asked him to undergo some bone density and hormonal test in addition to some blood test. We recommended him some free hand exercise and running for 1 hr a day till the time we get the reports in our hands.

Yes, what we thought was correct that there is some deficiency of specific hormones in the body which is responsible for stopping in height growth. We recommended some medicine, specific exercise, a specific diet plan and lots of physical activity besides regular studies. He followed our instructions carefully and in 3 months time he noticed the height increase. He is still following our advice and yes, he is growing by height.

Case Study # 7

She was young and beautiful girl and was working in a MNC at good post. She was earning well and was 25years old. Her parents were proud of her as she was helping them financially but they were worried about her marriage. Her height was 5 foot 1 inch which was a hindrance in her marriage. They were looking for a perfect match for her but because of her height she gets rejected every time. Her parents were tensed and this was making her depressing that even after being so qualified she gets rejected. One of her friend suggested our height gain treatment that works wonder in no time to her.

She does not want her parents to suffer because of her so she decided to visit our clinic and seek medical advice. It’s every girl dream to marry a perfect boy but to compromise with that because of her height was making her sad and angry at the same time. She was teased by relatives and friends that also affected her self confidence. She started ignoring office parties and house parties. It was also affecting her performance in office. Finally she decided to visit our clinic and do something for her height.

Young and beautiful girl entered our clinic with her friend. She was bold and smart. We advised her for few medical checkups to know whether she is suffering from any other illness or is allergic to any medicine. She responded well to our tests and was cooperating well with our procedure. We think that small height is not a big issue but for those who are small in size will understand what they goes through. Emotionally and physically they suffer at every point of life but she was not ready to suffer and decided to change the situation.

After few days she visited our clinic with our reports and we advised her to make simple changes in her diet plan and to do some exercise. We strictly recommended her to our Ayurvedic medicine for few months and improve her sitting postures which will definitely help her to get results faster. She assured us about following our instructions properly and returned to our clinic after 1 year happily and with a wedding card. She was happy and thanked us for changing her life and bringing back her self confidence.

Case Study # 8


He was a father of 15 year old boy and 12 year old girl living with his parents and a beautiful supportive wife. He has everything a perfect family and good earning business but he was concerned about his son, as his son was not growing according to his age. His son’s height was only 3 ft 4 inches, which was making him uncomfortable to step out of house and communicate with other kids as they used to tease him and make fun of his height. His son was losing his confidence and when he noticed these negative changes in his son’s development he consulted with few of his friends and family members and decided to cure this problem as soon as possible.

He was aware that this may lead to a huge drawback for his son and may create hindrance in every stage of life whether its career, social or married life. This problem will lead his son to a many issues. He was concerned about his height increase not only physically this problem was also effecting him mentally, he was finding it difficult to be social and to concentrate in studies in school. Fights and misbehaving was common complaints we came across in last few months of his school progress. We knew it’s to take action and do something for our son to relieve him from this problem.

When he first came to us we tried to convince him that every child grows in his own pace. You should not compare your child’s growth with other kids. Many factors are responsible for your child’s growth speed his diet, routine and his medical history. After observing his medical history and other factors we came to a result that he was suffering from height increase disorder and if he follows our instructions regularly and faithfully, he can see the results in few months.

We explained the whole situation to both father and son and advised them to strictly follow the treatmentto get best results in no time. We recommended him to do some exercise and few improvements in his sitting postures. With our best ayurvedic height increase medicines and some strict changes that were made in his diet plans he responded positively within 3 months of treatment and thanks to our treatment his son is now selected in the police training academy.

Case Study # 9


He was 17 years old guy who was a college student. He was living a happy life with his younger brother and parents. During the early years, he found himself shorter than his friends. At the age of 17, he looked very tiny, which made him worried a lot. He was bullied in school and college by other classmates and students due to tiny height. His height was not growing like other students. He shared everything with his parents and discussed how other students were bullying him throughout the day. They were suggested by their neighbours to visit our clinic once.

Since he was just 17 years old boy, he had to think about his career and for that, he had to study hard. However, he was not able to concentrate on studies due to other students who were constantly bullying him. He was completely unhappy with his height compare to other classmates and students of the same age. He was very worried about this and can’t concentrate on his studies or anything. He wanted to live a stable and good life to develop a good career.

As suggested by their neighbours, the boy came to us with his parents to concern about the height issue. He looked short compare to the other boys of the same age. They all looked worried about his short height. They told everything about how other students were bullying him in the school. They told us everything about the past, his diet and if he took any medicines or had any disease in the past. We checked all the medicines that he took in the past. We examined him physically and prescribed some medicines. We also asked some blood tests to check the hormone levels in his body. We requested them to visit us along with the blood test reports after 3 days.

As per our advice, they visited us after three days. We checked the reports and everything was normal, however, there was a hormonal imbalance in his body. We shared everything with them what was there in the reports. We told them that this issue is mostly related to genetics and one can’t do anything with it. However, with the help of hormonal induction, you can achieve the desired height in the early years. We started his treatment of hormonal induction. The treatment lasts for 2 years. We also asked him to go do stretching, cycling and other required physical activities. He visited us again, we can see improvements in his height after 8 months.

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