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How common is it to get an STD from oral?

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oral sex

Does STD’s (Sexually transmitted diseases ) spread through oral sex ?

Most people in the age group between 18 to 44 years get involved in Oral Sex. STD from Oral sex is a process to stimulate the fellatio, cunnilingus, and anilingus by using lips, mouth, or tongue. Researches show that at least 80 percent of adults enjoy oral sex. Hence it is necessary to know How common is it to get an STD from oral?

What is STD ( Sexually transmitted diseases) ?

The term sexually transmitted disease (STD) can be best defined as a condition passed from one person to another via sexual contact. A person can become a victim of an STD if he/she indulges in having unprotected vaginal, oral, or anal sex with a person who is already having STD.

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But many are unaware that oral sex can transfer sexually transmitted diseases from one partner to another. The more partner you have, the greater is the chance to get infected with STDs. STDs can transmit easily during unprotected oral sex. You may ask, when should I get tested for std after unprotected? 

If any partner is affected with STD, the opposite partner is prone to get infected with various STDs. There are several factors on which the transmission of STDs depends. 

  • A partner can get STDs in the mouth or throat from giving oral sex through an infected penis. 
  • One can get STDs from a partner having a mouth or throat infection. 
  • STDs transmits during oral sex can spread all over the body afterward, and the person can suffer from various diseases. 

Hence you need to understand Can you get std from oral without swallowing? You can consult with experts to get the best suggestion. An expert will let you know the types of STDs that can pass during unprotected oral sex. 

  • One can suffer from Chlamydia which causes infection in the throat, genitals, rectum, and urinary tract. Most of the time, Chlamydia infections have no symptoms. You can feel just a sore throat due to such an STD infection. But, one can feel pain during urinating, swollen testicles due to the presence of this infection.
  • A pregnant woman can notice premature birth or low birth weight of the child due to the infection of STDs. 
  • Many can be at risk of getting HIV due to unprotected oral sex. It can be life-threatening too. HIV can spread from one partner to another. 

I had unprotected oral should I get tested ?

Hence, you can ask your doctor I had unprotected oral should I get tested? The doctors will recommend the necessary treatments. They will also let you understand how the chances of getting STDs get higher due to unprotected sex. A person with poor oral health, like gum problems, tooth decay, and sores in the mouth, is prone to getting STDs from an infected partner.

Hence doctor monga clinic always suggest using proper preventive measures before having oral sex. If you are looking for more information on the subject or a victim of an STD, connect with your nearest sexologist. A sexologist will investigate the case and will prescribe the medication to treat. Always have protected and safe sex.

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