Ayurvedic Tips to reduce Acid Reflux and Indigestion

indigestion acid reflux

That small bowl of ‘Halwa’ is awfully enticing, but there is something that holds you back, especially when you are a diabetic. Yes! that something is the sugar and calories in that small bowl of halwa that you cannot risk intaking when you are a diabetic. Artificial sweeteners can be one of the options for […]

Best Ayurveda Treatment for piles at Dr Monga Clinic

hemmorhoids treatment

When there are Swollen and inflamed veins in our rectum and anus leading to discomfort and even bleeding, it indicates we have piles. If you are suffering from piles, it will be extremely painful, and most of the time, doctors suggest surgery. But few are aware that as to how Ayurveda can treat piles magically. […]

Does Ayurvedic Treatment for skin Allergies work ?

skin allergy

How ayurveda considers skin allergies ? Allergy is termed as a disorder of the immune system. When a hypersensitive immune system reacts to any substance, it leads to allergic reactions. Anything, ranging from food, drugs, environmental assistants to temperature and weather, can act as a stimulus leading to allergy in a person. These substances may […]

Piles – Hemorrhoid


Do you have any painless anal bleeding? Do you feel any pain on anus? Is there any blood on stool?   MAY BE YOU HAVE PILES…   What is Piles? Piles also called as a haemorrhoid are swollen tissues that contain veins. Piles are located in the wall of the rectum and anus and may cause […]

Diabetes Management

diabetes management

Overview |  Types of Diabetes  | Signs & Symptoms  |  Causes |  How we help |  More On Diabetes How do you know if you have Diabetes? Measure random blood sugar / fasting blood sugar HbA1c test Your test results must adhere to the following values: What is Diabetes? In simplest terms, Blood Sugar levels […]