Are artificial sweeteners safe for diabetics?

artificial sugar

That small bowl of ‘Halwa’ is awfully enticing, but there is something that holds you back, especially when you are a diabetic. Yes! that something is the sugar and calories in that small bowl of halwa that you cannot risk intaking when you are a diabetic. Artificial sweeteners can be one of the options for […]

Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction

erectile dysfunction

What is Diabetes? Diabetes is a disorder in which either your pancreas does not produce enough insulin or your body is unable to utilize insulin properly, both of which cause the blood sugar levels in the body to rise. If left uncontrolled, it leads to several complications. Diabetes is not just a disease, but a […]

Diabetes Induced Erectile Dysfunction

Diabetes induced Erectile Dysfunction

Image Courtesy: Erectile dysfunction is a sexual problem in men where they suffer from impotence. Around 35% to 75% of men who suffer from diabetes suffer from this ailment at some stage of their life or the other. The degree of severity varies from person to person. Men who suffer from diabetes suffer from […]

Why Ayurvedic Treatment for Diabetes?

ayurveda in Diabetes

Why diabetes is disasterous ? Research shows that across the globe, countless people are suffering from Diabetic and the numbers are alarming. A person has diabetes when the body is not able to produce enough insulin. This lack of insulin production triggers an increase in blood sugar levels. Once the body starts producing excess glucose, […]

Foods that will help you to reverse type 2 diabetes

Diabetes is a very common name to all of us in recent days. Huge numbers of people from across the globe are suffering from this disease. Every patient who has type 2 diabetes should understand the reasons behind the occurrence of the disease. They also need to know the diet to follow to stay healthy […]

How can yoga help to cure diabetes?

Yoga offers endless health benefits. Yoga will keep your mind and body relaxed, active, and energetic. It helps in proper blood circulation in the body. Hence, many diabetic patients are trying to get healed with various yoga poses. Doctors also recommend yoga to diabetic patients as this can lower the blood sugar level and improve […]