Those Hunger Pangs may be Saying Something

‘Even after you eat, do you still feel very hungry?’ If it is happening frequently than you possibly have eating disorder or maybe it is a symptom of diabetes. The sudden increase in appetite can be a medical condition. That is because your muscles are not getting the energy that they need from the food and […]

Skipping Meals is not the Best Choice

Skipping a meal is one of the most common practices seen in youngsters these days, but it isn’t the best diet plan for anyone. But in case you are suffering from diabetes it can lead to immediate blood sugar swing, if blood sugars that are too low (hypoglycemia) or too high (hyperglycemia) it can be […]

Late Night Snacking is Disastrous

If you are a ‘Bed Hungry’ or ‘Night-time Eater’ than this information is for you. Late night food consuming post dinner or in between the person’s typical sleep cycle is more likely to store those calories as fat which eventually gain weight rather than burn it. Eating a full meal late at night right before going […]