HIV Treatment


HIV has undeniably developed into the most feared health disease after cancer. Millions of people all over the world become victim to this disease annually. Though it is not likely to control the incidence of cancer, it is surely possible to obstruct the rapid spread of HIV in our society. Though, the efforts to control […]

Risk of receiving unprotected oral

What it means by oral sex?  Oral sex is one style of sex-making. It involves the use of mouth, lips, and even tongue for stimulating the penis (fellatio), anus (anilingus), or vagina (cunnilingus) for making sex with a partner. The area surrounding the penis and testicles and for women, vagina, and surrounding area are involved at […]

How common is it to get an STD from oral?

Does STD’s (Sexually transmitted diseases ) spread through oral sex ? Most people in the age group between 18 to 44 years get involved in Oral Sex. STD from Oral sex is a process to stimulate the fellatio, cunnilingus, and anilingus by using lips, mouth, or tongue. Researches show that at least 80 percent of […]

Treatment Of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Panel Test

Treatment Of Sexually Transmitted Diseases And Panel Test STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) are a result of unprotected sex. These infections don’t just take a toll on the sufferer’s physical health, but also affect them mentally. It can be very distressing for the sufferer to deal with the discomfort that STDs bring. They may not be […]

Who is the best Doctor For STD Treatment in Delhi

Best Doctor for Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) in Delhi STDs or Sexually Transmitted Diseases can be distressing & sometimes STD treatment in delhi becomes embarrasing . First and foremost, most of them cause painful lesions, and secondly, they lead to embarrassment. The majority of people suffering from any sexually transmitted disease feel a great deal […]

How to get tested for an STD test in Delhi ?

Where can I go to get tested for an STD? Getting infected with a sexually transmitted disease is not uncommon in recent days. Lots of treatment options for STDs are also available to get healed from STD. STD test in delhi is a taboo word to many. People feel hesitant to express their problems in […]