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Case Studies – Diabetes

Disclaimer:  These are real case studies of our patients who have benefited from our treatment.  Names have been deliberately changed to protect identity on their request.  Aim of these case studies is to make you understand the problems people face and how have we been able to provide them with viable solutions. [Images used are for illustration purpose only].

Case Study # 1

She was successful in her career and 6 months back got married to a young, smart IT professional. The level of excitement remains too high during the initial period of marriage both for sexual life and for handling the responsibilities of new family. All was well for 3-4 months after her marriage.  She started feeling fatigue without doing much work and started neglecting office work which when noticed by her boss she got a warning. She got disturbed and that affected her family life too. She shared the problem with her husband and he recommended for a visit to us. He accompanied her to our clinic to be her mental support.

The couple was in the beginning of their married life and expectation from a lady remains always high in Indian families. She was known was PT Usha because of her speed in doing work and energy level. She started feeling fatigue and due to work pressure started skipping timely lunch and breakfast. She used to feel so tired that she started neglecting her family responsibilities. She was wondering what exactly is making her feel so. After making initial checking with family doctor she was found low BP but nothing else. But before she actually takes the BP medicine her husband suggested meeting us once for 2nd opinion.

She was accompanied by her husband and that was a positive sign for us to see being supported by her partner as this gives a moral boost. She looked quite depressed and was in stress too. We requested her to give her stress to us and feel relax as we are there to help her. After initial checking in our clinic and her slightly flappy body we doubted that she might be a diabetic patient. We recommended some blood tests and asked her to meet us once more.

After checking the report we found that she was on the verge of being diabetic.  Hope is there that we can recover her. We said what’s the real fact and even that if she starts dealing a healthy life with healthy and timely food things will be back in place. We suggested some workouts, changed her diet and some meditation techniques to free mind from stress. We said she needs to love her first to love her family. We asked her to follow the instruction and return back to us after 3 months with fresh blood test reports which we recommended initially. She followed our instruction and met us after 3 months with report. Yes she is better now and improvement can be seen her blood reports. She is no more diabetic as she was diagnosed at the initial stage.


Case Study # 2

He was a 35 years old young man and an executive with a phone company. During the early days, he was a professional basketball player and a good sportsperson. However, after acquiring a reputed big job, he started living a stable life without doing much of physical activities. He was living a happy and healthy life with a wife and two dear kids. Everything seemed to be normal for the first 6 months, after getting the big job. However, over the past couple of weeks, he started feeling fatigue. He has loosened up a smile and gained about 40 pounds of weight extra during the first 6 months. He started worrying about this. He has shared things with her wife who suggested him to pay a visit to us.

The young man told us everything about his personal and professional life and what are the daily activities that he performs every single day. He also told us over the few weeks, his lifestyle became boring and he had missed his smile completely. He started feeling very fatigued and sleepy throughout the day. He also told us about gaining more and more weight since last few weeks. He started worrying about his life as he has a loving family, a beautiful wife and two dear kids.

He was accompanied by his wife who suggested him to visit us. They both looked tense and their smile was missing. We can clearly see him like a big man as he has put on a lot of weight. We offered them some water and asked them to start with their concern. We checked his body physically and asked him a couple of questions regarding his routine life and other physical activities. We assumed that this could be the reason for being a diabetic patient. We asked some blood tests which can easily identify whether he is a diabetic patient or not. Additionally, we asked them to visit us with the reports once again after a few days.

He showed us the reports. After checking out the reports, we found that his glucose level is high and he is on the margin of being diabetic. Since he was worried about his life, we asked him not to worry about as everything is normal and there’s nothing to feel bad about. This is just the beginning of the disease. We offered him some guidelines to follow and gave him a strict diet plan to follow. We also asked him to go back to his college days and perform some physical activities like walking, cycling, running, swimming etc and come to us after 2 months of time with fresh reports. After 2 months, he paid a visit to us with fresh reports. The new reports were normal and his glucose level decreased.


Case Study # 3

He was 32 years old and was a successful lawyer. He was gearing up for his wedding. Off late, he started feeling fatigue too often. He thought that it could be due to the physical stress he had been going through then and hence, he ignored it. He would stay dull and irritated most of the time during the day. Also, he noticed a weight loss irrespective of eating healthy. As he wanted to stay fit at the time of his wedding, he decided to see a doctor and take some treatment.

He wanted to lead a normal and healthy life. He maintained a healthy diet but still lost a few kilograms in the course of time. He also failed to concentrate on his work and this took a toll on his professional life. His major point of concern was that if he couldn’t work properly at the office, he won’t be able to pay the debts he has taken for his own wedding and might not be able to keep his wife financially secure. He was stressed out and told us that he did not want to enter into an alliance with a bad health. He knew that his future wife would have a lot of expectations from him and he thought that he would not be able to fulfill them.

When he came to us, he looked very dull and frail. He was accompanied by his father and received complete support from his family. This was great as it helped him feel a little relaxed and boosted his moral support. After listening to the signs he had been observing over time, our doubt shifted to diabetes. The symptoms were hinting towards the fact that he might be a diabetic. But we did not say anything to him as it wouldn’t have been apt to give out a final diagnosis without investigations. We prescribed him some blood tests and recalled him.

His reports confirmed that he is a diabetic. We told this to him and his family. They were a little tensed but we explained to them that if he maintained a healthy lifestyle, there would be no problem at all. We suggested him to join a gym and do proper workout under the guidance of a trainer. We asked him to meditate and take his medications regularly. He revisited us after 4 months and he was doing absolutely fine.


Case Study # 4

 He was a very successful IT professional and held multiple credentials and qualifications in the field. He was employed by leading MNC and had a young and beautiful wife. He was in his early 30s when he got married and the rescheduling of life, in both personal and professional spheres, brought to him many different kinds of changes. He got increasingly dependent on his wife, started eating without bounds, and his exercise schedule also took a backseat. After around 2 years of his marriage, he found himself increasingly fatigued and wondered why his mind was not working to the best of its capacity. The couple talked to a local pharmacist about the problem, and he guided them to our clinic.

He was very unhappy with the recent physiological, physical, and mental changes that were affecting his life adversely. He was clueless as to why these problems are occurring. He reported that he cannot cope with the personal and professional job responsibilities in the best manner. Depression, lack of motivation, fatigue and other issues were not allowing him to contribute his best to his job. His married life was marred by strife and sometimes noisy quarrels, as he was not able to fulfill the aspirations and expectations of his wife as well as the family.

We found that his eating and dietary schedules were in a total mess. He many-a-times skipped breakfast and/or lunches, while at other times he ate heavily multiple times of the day. He also said that he was not regular with his exercise schedule. We found him a bit flappy and his weight was on the higher side. We were alarmed by his routine and eating habits and had a suspicion that he might be affected by diabetes. We ordered the patient to undergo certain clinical tests to fully reveal the situation.

Our suspicions were not baseless and we found that he has been engulfed by diabetes. We prescribed him certain medications that were essential for controlling his blood sugar level. We also advised to him a new diet regime under which we emphasized towards including certain food items that do not cause sugar spikes within the patient’s body. We advised the patient to exercise regularly and to lead a more active lifestyle. The cumulative and synergetic effect of multiple therapeutic procedures and efforts brought the sugar levels of the patients under control. He was able to lead a very happy and healthy life and thanked us for bringing the joy and happiness back into his life, only after a brief interval of time.


Case Study # 5

He was a young and passionate employee of one of the most prestigious IT Company of the city. After completing graduates, he appointed as a programmer in the company. He worked for 6 months there as a software programmer. After that, he got promoted as a team leader in the same company. However, after a few weeks of time, he started losing his passion for work, his working capabilities have decreased. Due to this behavior, he got a couple of warnings from the Manager, to do well or leave the place. He got disturbed with the regular warnings from the boss. There was a friend with whom he was discussing things about his passion for work. After discussing everything, he has recommended him for a visit to us.

He was very passionate about his work and recently, he got promoted to a big place, as a team leader. He has been having big expectations of promoting himself to a higher position in the company and for that; he was working really hard as per the expectations of his manager. However, after some time, he started feeling weak and can’t concentrate on his work. He started ignoring his work and sometimes, he forgot to submit his work to the manager on time. He started questioning himself about his own behavior! To discuss things out, he paid a visit to his friend who has suggested visiting us for once. He was accompanied by a friend who has suggested him to visit us. When someone is there for you in such crucial conditions, it internally boosts the positive signs in you to lead the life the way you want. Both, he and his friend looked tensed as he has never faced such behavior in his body ever. We requested him to stay calm and feel relax as we are here to help you out. After completing initial checkups and his body behavior, we assumed that he might be a diabetic patient. To identify the real reason behind his body behavior, we recommended some blood tests and asked him to visit us once more with the reports.

After checking the reports, he is in the margin of being diabetic. There is nothing to worry about and we hope we can recover it since it’s just the beginning of the disease. We said what was there in the reports. We suggested many things to get over diabetes. We asked him to workout regularly. We gave him a proper diet plan to follow to start living a healthy life again with some medications techniques to relieve some stress of the disease. We gave him proper instructions about what to eat at what time, what to drink and all the other necessary advice we can offer. We asked him to follow the given instructions and come back to us after 2 months with new blood reports. He followed the instructions and met us after 2 months with new blood reports as per our advice. The reports come normal and he is no more a diabetic patient as he was diagnosed at the beginning of the stage.


Case Study # 6

He was a vivacious young boy known for his more pleasing ways and happily energetic life. Then he suddenly started feeling as if all energy had been drained out of him. He was good in studies but with time he was finding difficulty in concentrating in his studies.  He always feel so tired and that too not doing much physical activities. Lack of concentration started showing up in his school results. However, it was his unusual weight loss that made his parents worried and they decided to visit our clinic.

He was extremely worried by his newly developed habit of frequent urination at night. He felt that it was interfering with his sleep, which made him feel lethargic during day time. He even blamed his excessive thirst and hunger for this feeling of tiredness.  According to his parents he had also become quite irritable in the past weeks and always seemed to be on the verge of anger. Even also realized that these days he is behaving really rude to everyone but finding it hard to control his anger. His dropping scores in the class are also giving a warning signal about his health and he started feeling really depressed.

Our doctor sought detailed information about the general eating habits and lifestyle of the family, especially the boy. Based on this information and his own observation our doctor advised his parents to get some blood tests done. The doctor suspected of the teenager having developed diabetes. But nothing can be said till the report is in the hands of the doctor. We asked them to meet us back with the reports soon. The reports confirmed what the doctor had already suggested. The news of diabetes came as a shock to the boy and his parents. However, the doctor assured them that with a combination of proper medication and diet as well as regular exercise, the child could lead a normal life.  He is in the initial stage of diabetes and if precaution is taken then high chance is there that he can come out of the danger level and become free from diabetes completely. We asked him to strictly keep a check in sugar intake and only 1 spoon is permissible a day. We recommended repeat visit in 2 months time. When he met us next time he was much improved. We suggested continuing our advice and meet us after 6 months.


Case Study # 7

She was a regular housewife in her late 40’s and had been struggling with obesity for several years. So, when she started losing weight without any reason, she actually felt happy. Then she went for an eye test due to her increasingly blurred vision. The doctor performing the test advised her to get a check-up done for diabetes. She ignored the advice of the doctor as she felt how an eye specialist can recommend about diabetes when he is having no idea about the problem. But that was her mistake as there are many health issues which can act as the major reason for eye problems and an eye specialist have goo knowledge in this field.  When she shared the fact to his husband he was shocked. That was when her husband brought her to our clinic.

She was not really concerned about having any serious health issues. However, she informed doctor that she seemed to feel parched all the time and her hunger level had also increased. Though she felt more tired than usual, she attributed this to her excessive weight.  She also accepted the fact that these days she dont feel like doing much work. As because she actually lost so much weight that there is no need of working so much as her feels. In addition to this that although she does not drink so much water still always a feeling of urination exists which makes her feel highly irritated?

Our doctor was concerned that the patient might have become diabetic without being aware of it. He sought further information such about her eating habits, exercise routine if any and overall activity level. He also advised her to get the blood test done to check the glucose levels in her body. Our doctor got an idea that high chance of being diabetic is there for this lady. The reports affirmed the fact that she was actually diabetic and even then her blood glucose level was quite high.  The doctor, in consultation with our nutritionist, prepared a proper diet chart for her to follow. He prescribed minimal medication but advised regular exercise to remain fit.  We ensured to maintain a restriction in the amount of sugar she should take every day. We also recommended her to keep a record of BP twice a day in morning and evening respectively.


Case Study # 8

She was a 35 year old smart and bold lady. An engineer by profession she was married to a HR department head of her company. They both were earning well and were happy in their own life. But from last few months she was noticing few changes in her health. Weight gain and frequent urination was few of them. Her behavior was affecting her peace of mind. Even she started feeling tired without even any severe physical work. She started ignoring having sexual relation with her husband as her health was not allowing doing so. This behavior was irritating her husband too.

Her health issue was bothering her husband; they both started arguing even on small issues.  This was affecting her mentally and physically. She was depressed as she was unable to satisfy her husband in every aspect. When she researched on internet about the issue she got some serious response and decided to visit doctor for medical help. As it is advised to take action against health issue as soon you notice the problem. Arguments and small fights started growing in their relation which was annoying and depressing. She was in stress. She came to our clinic alone, sad and depressed the beautiful lady was looking 10 years older than her exact age. Stress was in her mind and the stress was about her health. We asked her to relax and share her problem with us without any second thought. She opened up with us and shared the details. We advised her to go for few medical tests and return to us with her husband and reports.

We were aware about the results of the reports but were waiting for confirmation. After reading her reports we were sure that she is a diabetic patient and was on initial stage. We assured her that if she will not neglect her health. We recommended her few exercises and meditation. The main reason behind this illness is unbalanced diet, we warned her for making good eating habits and lie stress free. Life is beautiful thing live it happily. We advised her husband to be loving and caring as she is sensitive so be patient and handle her with love. They both assured us to follow our instruction and results was visible within 3 months of the treatment our Ayurvedic medicine worked miracle for her.


Case Study # 9

She was successful social worker and was getting married to her long time live-in boyfriend after 4 months. Young and smart social worker was so excited about the changes she was supposed to face in near future. But from last few months she was noticing few changes in her health as she feel tired without doing any labor, this affected her work and personal life. She was disturbed with the situation. When she shared this problem with her boyfriend he recommended her to visit us. He accompanied her to our clinic to be her moral support.

She was bold, energetic and was known as one of the strictest and powerful social worker of the town. She took bold stand in many cases but now due to this fatigueness she was unable to concentrate on her work which was affecting her work and diet routine. Despite of work she was unable to concentrate on her personal life too. She also visited nearby doctors but it did not work. His fiancée was concerned about her as this was affecting her both mentally and physically. He suggested her to visit us once for complete and proper checkup, as he also wanted to know what exactly is making her feel so.

When they came to us she was looking sad and angry at the same time. The stress was now unbearable for her, but the positive point in this case was that she was supported by her boyfriend and family, which was somehow giving her a ray of hope. After listening to her problem we were sure that this is a case of diabetes but without any tests we cannot start treatment, so we suggested her few blood tests and advised her to visit with reports soon.

After checking her blood tests report we got to know the level of her diabetes. She has consulted us at right time and was going to recover soon with our Ayurvedic pills and treatment we recommended her to do some yoga exercises and a strict change in her diet plan. We assured her that she will get positive results within few months of treatment and suggested her to visit us again after 4 months with fresh blood tests reports. She followed our instruction and strictly followed our treatment and now she notices a drastic improvement in her health and is happily living her married and social life.

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