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Case Studies – Premature Ejaculation

Case Studies – Premature Ejaculation

Disclaimer:  These are real case studies of our patients who have benefited from our treatment.  Names have been deliberately changed to protect identity on their request.  Aim of these case studies is to make you understand the problems people face and how have we been able to provide them with viable solutions. [Images used are for illustration purpose only].

Case Study # 1

He was a young gentleman with a brilliant look but in a depressed mode. His esteem was low as he was failing to establish a relationship with his wife and was sure mentally that he will not become fine again. He took one last chance to fight the problem and meet us in our clinic.

He was married for last 2 years and still facing the problem to hold it longer when in a relationship with his wife. He was in a complete distressed condition because of his ineligibility to give the needed pleasure to his wife which she deserves to get from him. 

family and friends all are having one question to the couple” when you will have the baby”?  Life was quite miserable for him as he was losing concentration in work and that affected badly his performance in last quarter. 

The worst part is he missed his promotion because of serious negligence at work, Things were not falling in place and he was completely irritated with himself.  

His wife was finding the situation quite painful to face society. To overcome such a situation he started skipping from home at night to avoid facing his wife. 

Lastly, they took a call and his wife accompanied him to the clinic for our advice and guidance in this regard…

We recommended he to first control stress and anxiety as this can be one of the major reasons for this problem. We asked him to first undergo some medical tests and get back to us with the reports, what best we observed is that he is having a supportive wife which we found as a positive sign in the case.

He underwent all recommended tests and returned back to us.  We investigate the reports in-depth and found he was facing the problem of premature ejaculation.

We explain the concept of premature ejaculation (PE) which occurs when a man faces orgasm and expels semen faster after sexual activity making minimum penile stimulation. He was so worried.

We said that improvement will come slowly and steadily if he follows our instructions. We suggested him some medication along with a few changes in lifestyle and food habits. We asked him to be stress-free and be happy.

We recommended a repeat visit after 3 months. He did so and reported positive changes. 6 months back we got the news that he got blessed with a healthy baby.

Case Study # 2

He returned to our clinic after 3 days with the reports. We guessed it right it was a case of PREMATURE EJACULATION.

We disclosed the problem and explained the term patiently. We said that there is nothing to worry and he need to follow what we are saying then with time he will overcome the problem and can enjoy a happy sexual life with partner.

We just recommended some meditation and exercise to fight anxiety as that was the root cause of the problem. For this case we recommended no medication. He is married now and happy being in this relationship.

Case Study # 3

She is a young working lady and in love with a guy who is in the same office of her. They are couple for last 4 years and this year when she proposed him for marriage he started maintaining a distance with her. 

They already came close to each other many times but intercourse never happened.  She felt getting married will clear the gap between them. She was depressed with the attitude and one day confronted him to know the real reason behind such attitude. 

He just said he thinks he is not physically fit to give her sexual pleasure. She was shattered but can’t take the call to leave him.  She convinced him to think positive and go for a consultation with us.

They visited us together as a couple as after the conversation they had they started trusting each other better.

They make a lovely pair. The started slowly and later after they felt its comfortable to talk with us they discussed the case in detail. 

He said he always felt the urge to have sex with her whenever they got closer to each other. But the anxiety within him takes such a peak that he always felt to keep the penis erected longer and failed penetration every time.

After experiencing this several time he felt that he is good for nothing and can never give sexual pleasure to her lady love and preferred maintaining distance with her leading to separation.

Our first observation about the couple was that they truly love each other and that is a strong and positive sign for us in this case.

After the discussion, we got a clear view that anxiety is emerging as the main problem or causing hindrance in sexual pleasure.

We prefer to go for some test and recommended to get that done and meet us again.

After making a go through of the medical reports we confirmed that there is a 100% chance of recovery. Meditation is the main medication for this problem. 

We suggested daily 1 hr meditation in the morning and 1 hr evening walk.

This will help in controlling the level of anxiety in the body. Once this problem is controlled improvement can be noticed.

We also suggested getting them married and being together will make them more strong as a couple.

They followed our advice and they came back to us last month to say that we actually changed their life.

Case Study # 4

He is a young IT professional working with one of the leading IT giants. He is a happy-go-lucky guy till the time he met his lady love.  

Few months went really well as that was just dating. Then they planned to take it forward and go for a love-together relationship before getting married. The problem started right from there. 

Whenever they try to come closer in the last moment he fails to penetrate and everything goes in vain. They made enough effort to establish the relationship but nothing actually happened. The relationship was at the verge of getting end when one friend of theirs advises to meet us.

The couple was very bold when they met us in the clinic and that is what we actually liked about them.

 They didn’t mind at all discussing in detail their relationship and how they realized that there is some medical problem either in her or him and they want to work on you. Colleagues in the office also poke them about their sexual life and that made them more frustrated and irritated in life. They made the best possible effort and searched online what can actually help in this situation. There was no hope in their life till the time they met us.

In the first meeting, we found them to be quite strong in their relationship and actually ready to treat the issue following our instructions.

We observed that too much craze for establishing physical relations is actually bringing huge anxiety and stress in their life.

We suggested they first relax and enjoy life. We recommended a few tests to them to check the actual problem. We ask you to visit us back with the report for suggestions and advice.

After getting all tests done and after collecting the report they met us once again. We found the report 90% OK and 10% need of treatment is there.

We said there is nothing to lose hope for as they can surely establish relation and can also be proud parents in the future. We gave him some medicine and asked him to stay stress-free.

We recommended doing meditation for a minimum of 1 hr a day to both of them as asked to report back after 2 months. They did and gave a positive response when they met. We asked them to continue meditation and enjoy their relationship.

Case Study # 5

He was in his 40’s and this was his second marriage. His first wife expired 3 years back due to a road accident. He decided not to get married again but loneliness was something that made him feel depressed. His parents were convinced of second marriage.

He agreed and got married to a lady in her late 30’s. But somehow during sex this time he failed to penetrate and that happened every time in the first month of his wedding. The couple was very depressed.

It’s true that it’s their second marriage but the expectation of sexual desire remains the same. There is nothing wrong with that till the time both are happy in the relationship. But here the problem is that the couple is keen to have their child at the earliest and they both have none yet.

So they are in a bit hurry in this case as they are both having reached a good amount of age. Pressure is also there from both family ends and under such circumstances even if they make an effort the problem of penetration is not allowing them to succeed.

They were feeling shy to meet a specialist because of their age. Luckily one of their friends faced the same problem during his time and got treated by us. He recommended our name guessing the fact that the problem might be the same as him.

The couple is quite lively ones but they hesitated to narrate their case to us. We asked them to feel relaxed first and treat us just like their friend.

After some time he started sharing the story of how they got married and what they want from life now. But still, the actual problem was not shared by them. Getting an idea from their level of hesitation this time we asked them straight away if they facing any problem during intercourse.

They felt really embarrassed initially but later explained the problem slowly. We just recommended a few tests and asked them to get back to us.

When we met them next we discovered it was a clear case of premature ejaculation. Too much anxiety and stress from peers and families are affecting their sexual life else there is no medical incapability in him.

We gave them some advice about having stress free life and asked them to stay away from parents for six months and work on their relationship.

We gave some medicine too keeping in mind his age but with no side effects. They followed out suggestion and its 2 years of their marriage and they are happy couples with a 6 months old baby boy.

Case Study # 6

Late marriage these days are in practice as both male and female want to first get established in life before entering matrimonial bliss. 

There is nothing bad in that but some stress of having baby soon after marriage creates many problems both in men and women. In this case both the bride and groom were 30 when they got married. 

They want to have a baby fast to concentrate back in work in free mind. But things turn worst when they failed repeatedly to establish the relationship. They decided to meet some specialist for help and got connected with us.

Both husband and wife were polished in their look and appearance. Even we were moved by their bold attitude towards life. They said if even our suggestions fail to work for them they will not mind going for an expensive treatment like IVF. 

They were too anxious to have their baby. He is facing early fall out of penis before attending the final stage of intercourse. So nothing actually is happening which can make his wife pregnant with his child. 

There was no sign of embarrassment in them as they were sure this way or other way they will have the child.

We were happy to see such broad-minded people as our patients in the clinic. They know how to enjoy life with work but what we felt is causing the problem is too much desire to have the child within a year’s time of marriage. 

Too much desire and anxiety in life work in a negative way and that’s probably being the reason behind the case.

To be assured about our observation we asked both of them to undergo some medical test and share with us the report for further advice.

We met them again after 4 days and yes they have the report with us. She is medically perfect to bear a child and so is he. So what the problem is? 

We guessed it right they both are suffering because of too much anxiety and stress in life to have the baby first. We said them to spend time in knowing each other first and allow love to blossom in the relationship. 

We also recommended bringing a work-life balance. Forcing something to achieve cannot actually reach the target. 

We said to enjoy life for at least 1 year and things will fall in place. They promised to follow our suggestion. We recommended nil medicine. 

It almost 3 years now they both are in abroad with their 1 years old daughter. They thanked us immensely for helping them.

Case Study # 7

Everything happens for the first time and so is sex. They were intimate friends since childhood and were aware that one fine day they will be husband and wife. 

Even the families were also aware of it.  They planned to get intimate before their marriage but he failed to penetrate. 

That was a major setback for both of them and both got tense matured. They took an appointment with us secretly without letting the family know.

Both of them are young yet matured in appearance. What was bothering him the most was is he capable to establish relationships ever in his life. 

If not then he is not ready to spoil her life by marrying her. But on the other hand, she was a bit bold and asked straightway about any such treatment which can solve this problem. 

She clearly said that both of them were feeling good getting intimate with each other and on the verge of climax he failed to hold back to make it happen. 

She even asked if there is any drawback in her that can be examined and treated along with him.

We found the man here a bit more depressed than his female counterpart. What we felt is that the anxiety of having sex for the very first time is something that bowled out the situation. 

The lady here in this case is much bold and has a strong belief that things can be solved with our guidance. What we found good in this case is that here if one is having low esteem, other one is having high and that brings a good balance in the relationship. 

We asked them to go for some medical tests and share the same with us in the next meeting. We felt there is nothing to worry but still for confirmation test was a must for us.

We guessed it right and it was the anxiety of first sex that actually created the problem of premature ejaculation. Both were physically perfect for a healthy sexual life which we found in the report. 

We advise them to remain stress-free and happy when making love in bed and things will fall in place in a natural way. They should not do sex just for the sake of doing it and they should enjoy it. 

They followed our advice and after 2 months they meet us to invite us for their wedding. We enquired about the effects of our suggestion and they said it worked.

Case Study # 8

It was an arranged marriage fixed by parents but they known each other for a long. On the first night itself, when they got into a physical relationship all went really well but at the time of climax sexual penetration didn’t happen. 

They overlooked the fact and decided to make an effort on the very next night. But the same problem was faced and the situation was quite depressing. They were unable to discover the reason behind this problem as for both of them this was the first time when they got closer to anybody. 

They discuss the problem for a few days and decided to go for medical help if possible. The couple came across our name and our list of successful cases. They decided to meet us.

The couple was a good-looking one and had impressive personalities. But there was a sign of anxiety and depression on their face. Initially, they made some hesitation to open up but after 10-15 mins of initial discussion, they started feeling free with us. 

The husband narrated the whole situation and asked what can be the reason behind this problem. He is into the import-export business and needs to face a lot of stress in closing the deal with success.

He also said that he is a bit alcoholic in nature and needs to drink with business delegates to accompany them in business dinners. 

Rest then that he is having no other bad habits. The couple preferred to go for a required medical test so that they can know the reason and go for medication.

This case was not that difficult for us to understand. We analyzed that the urge to have sex for the very first time created unwanted stress in the couple. Secondly yes being too much alcohol can be one of the reasons for failure in penetration. 

These 2 points were major areas of concern for us. But what we found good in the case is the bond between the couple and the level of trust they have in each other. We asked them to get some important tests and ultrasound done for both.

What we analyzed was correct and it is a clear case of premature ejaculation. We immediately recommended to take a minimum of 2 months to break from business and if not possible then lower down the pressure and stress appeared as a cause behind the problem. 

We strictly said no to alcohol. We suggested some exercise and meditation to check stress, anxiety, and attraction towards alcohol.  

They returned back after 6 months to share the news that they are in the process of extending the family. It’s one more case of success in our records.

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