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Case Studies – Leucorhhoea

Case Studies – Leucorhhoea

Disclaimer:  These are real case studies of our patients who have benefited from our treatment.  Names have been deliberately changed to protect identity on their request.  Aim of these case studies is to make you understand the problems people face and how have we been able to provide them with viable solutions. [Images used are for illustration purpose only].

Case Study # 1

She is a young modern woman of this period who prefers to be in a live in relationship before finally getting married to her boyfriend. Life was fine till the time she suddenly noticed excessive discharge of whitish and yellowish mucus from the vagina. Even it smelled really fowl sometimes that even she cannot tolerate. The moment she noticed this fact she started feeling shy to have relation with his boyfriend who is actually fond of her and lover her a lot.  With every passing day she started maintaining distance with his boyfriend and that what started creating problem between the two. She was unable to express the real problem to him and things take a very bad turn. The situation became so worst that one day his boyfriend just asked her if she is any more interested in the relation. That day she broke down and confessed the real reason. He understood the reason and convinced her to meet us once and he will be there with him.

They are in this relationship for more than 2 years and decided to tie the knot by end of this coming year. This problem started 3-4 months back when she first realized an itching feel in the vagina followed by a lump of white and yellowish discharge. She ignores it as normal vaginal discharge before and after period. But with time it increased and she started getting foul smell. She was worried if this is some serious disease which will break her relation with him.

After talking to her in a separate room as it is a womanly problem we got an idea that chances are high that it is some bacterial development in vagina which is causing the problem. But want to get some test done to know the exact reason of the problem. We asked her to be stress free as we will take care of it. What actually pleased us is her supportive boyfriend.

We got the report and it was a case of Leucorrhoea which happened because of imbalance of estrogen hormone in the body. The discharge amount kept increasing due to vaginal infection. We recommended her some medicine and a strict diet chart. We asked her to stay away from sex till the time she is fully recovered or it may worsen the condition. She followed our instruction and few months the report came clear. We received their wedding card last and by this time they are happily married.

Case Study # 2

She is a professional lady working is a multi-national company from past few years. She loves her profession and enjoying a happy married life since last year. Life was fine for 3 months after marriage when she suddenly noticed an excessive discharge of yellowish and whitish mucus coming out from her vagina. The smell was foul that made her feel discomfort and stressed. Later on, she also feeling shy to make relation and started ruining her life. This problem also created a problem in their life and distance between them increased. Finally, her marriage was at stake and she was broken to tell the truth. Her husband asked her not to worry and consult us for the complete treatment.

She was happy with the married life and slowly started feeling itching in her vagina. This later on worsened when the lump of yellowish and white discharge. Earlier she ignored it and thought it was due to the normal period. Later on, she started experiencing the foul smell and was worried. She realised that this serious problem can break her married life.

When she visited our clinic we discussed the issue deeply. This made us clear that the problem can be due to the bacterial infection in her vagina. However, we decided to go for the complete tests and diagnosis to understand the real reason for the problem. We also asked her to stay stress-free as we have seen several cases and healed patients completely. She just needs to trust us and we will provide her with a healthy physique once again. Her husband was very supportive and was there during the entire treatment.

After we received the complete test reports, we noticed that it was a case of Leucorrhoea. This was caused due to the imbalance of estrogens hormone in the body. The infection was increasing that increased the flow of mucus from the vagina. At the first stage of treatment, we prescribed some medicines along with maintaining the diet. We also asked her to stay away from sex till she gets completely fit and healthy. We also said that sexual relationships can worsen the situation. After following the above prescription and instruction, she visited our clinic and we noticed a great improvement. After the test, we noticed that she is fit and need medicines for a week more. They tanked us and are living a happy married life.

Case Study # 3

She is a successful young woman who runs her own start-up with her friend. She married her boyfriend 2 months back. Both had a healthy emotional and sexual relationship. Since past few weeks, she has observed increased vaginal discharges. She was well aware of the fact that vaginal discharges are absolutely normal and hence, paid no heed. Only when she experienced excessive itching in her private parts, she decided to counter her problem. She discussed the problem with her husband and told her that the discharge is now yellowish in color hinting towards a problem. Her husband advised her to visit us. He assured her that he will accompany her to the clinic.

She had always observed some amount of vaginal discharge and was absolutely okay with it. She never bothered to take a treatment until the discharge turned yellow and oozed out foul smell. The itching started to become a subject of embarrassment for her. She was also worried that if it did not stop, it might hinder her sexual relationship with her husband. She never wanted to let that happen. Though her husband was very supportive, she wanted to counter the problem and take proper treatment for it.

The couple came to us and looked so much in love. She was not worried as she knew that she has the back of her husband. After listening to us, we were sure that it is due to hormonal disturbance or due to an infection. We explained the possible causes to her and carried out a brief pelvic examination. But, before jumping to the conclusion, we prescribed her some tests to confirm the exact cause.  We asked them to revisit us after getting the test reports.

She came with the test reports along with her husband. The cause of leucorrhoea was a vaginal infection that was leading to minor inflammation and itching. We assured her that the infection is easy to manage. We prescribed her some medications to eradicate the infection. We also asked her to maintain proper intimate hygiene measures and stay away from sexual intercourse until the infection subsides. She followed our advice and took the medications regularly. We asked her to come to the clinic for follow-up. She visited us again with her husband and we were happy to know that she finally got rid of her problem.

Case Study # 4

She was a qualified beautician and was married at a young age of 25 years. Her life was very joyful and happy until certain medical problems started affecting her health adversely. For the past few months, she was affected by a vaginal yellowish and thick secretion. The foul smell of these secretions increased over the past two or three months. She was very depressed because of these frequent secretions and got immensely shy to tell her to her husband. She started keeping a distance from her husband towards sexual intercourse, for the past few months. Her husband failed to know the real reason behind the relationship drawback and wondered if everything was alright or not. She talked to her very close friend in this regard and she guided her to our clinic.

The patient said that she was very depressed by these vagina related discharges and said that her personal and married life was getting spoilt lately. She said that she was also affected by constipation, fatigue, pain in stomach and other body areas, frequent headaches, and other kinds of medical problems. She was very worried and said that these health issues were affecting her personal and professional life adversely, and marital strife has also occurred lately.

Our expert female doctor carried out a thorough examination of the patient in a pre-designated special room that has been specially created for examination, at our world-class clinic. We soon found out that these problems are because of the medical disease Leucorrhoea. We also asked her to undergo certain clinical tests so that the hormonal state of the patient could be reduced. We suspected that many different issues and problems may be the cause of the multiple symptoms that are affecting the patient’s mind and body. We also decided to undertake a multi-pronged approach towards treating the patient.

We came to the conclusion that the imbalance of the hormone estrogen, as well as bacterial infection, are the cause of multiple health issues that relate to the patient. Be provided to her certain hormonal pills, antibiotics, and a strict diet regimen. She got totally relieved of all the problems and health issues in a period of 1.5 months. Her husband also accompanied her to our clinic in the last visit, and thank us for restoring the joy and happiness in their life again.

Case Study # 5 

She was 31 years old working woman living a happy life with her loving husband. She was working in a School as a Teacher. Due to her job, she sometimes forgot to take lunch. She sometimes forgot to take lunch and was living an unstable life. One day, she found yellowish discharge from her vagina while taking shower. She was not aware about this as she hadn’t experienced this before. She was worried about the unusual vaginal discharge. She thought of having a talk with her best friend regarding this type of vaginal discharge. He friend suggested her to pay a visit to our clinic.

She told us everything about her past life and present life. She also told us about her unstable life due to work in the School. She was not taking healthy food and was not concern about her diet. She also shared that they were planning to have a kid in the near future. She was worried about this type of discharge from her vagina and thought of having some disease or infection. Her life become miserable and she was not concentrating on anything from the last few days.

As suggested by her friend, she paid a visit to our clinic. Her friend was also there in the clinic. She looked very tense. Her face turned red and there was no smile at all and her legs were shaking as well. We asked her to stay calm and be relaxed. We shared everything about the functionality of woman genitals. Since the Women genitals are moist, sweaty and covered, they are very much prone to infections. We told her about the infection that she was having named Leucorrhoea. We also told her that this is the most common form of infection and almost every Woman experience it once in her life. We examined her physically and prescribed some medicines. We suggested her to visit us after 20 days.

She visited us again with her friend. She looked very confident and was wearing a constant smile on her face. She shared how the given medicines worked out well for her. She had stopped seeing that yellowish discharge after taking the prescribed medicines by us. We offered some suggestions, a proper and healthy diet plan to follow, to do some physical activity etc. She promised us to follow everything well in the future.

Case Study # 6


Seema (Name changed) is a young married woman of 30 years. She is a mother of 2 and happily married.  In last few months she started noticing itching in the vagina. The level of itching is so serious sometimes that she felt embarrassed in many situations and need to move from wherever she is to toilet to get some relief. But things started getting worst with time and she experienced whitish and yellowish vaginal discharge. The amount of discharge started increasing. She started keeping a pad all the time to hold the discharge but even that precaution also started failing. She started feeling really depressed and that reflected in her health. She started keeping week and depressed all the time also avoided having sex with her husband. She thought that she is having some serious disease. Noticing her strange behavior one day her husband asked her what the real problem is. She again felt embarrassed but end up disclosing the reason. Without wasting time her husband took appointment with for a medical check.

She was seriously depressed with her condition and wanted to know why this happening is. She never slept with anyone else other than her husband. She don’t know why is she facing such problem. She agreed that she is under stress because her mother in law is pressurizing for 3rd baby as she is having 2 daughters. She remains depressed because of this although she knows that her husband is very supportive and very happy with 2 daughters. She said sometimes the level of irritation turns so high that she feels a burning sensation which turns her life a complete hale.

After taking a note of the case what we felt is that due to stress and too much anxiety in life there is some hormonal misbalance in her which leads to Leucorrhea. But we are unable to comment till the time we get some medical tests done. We recommended some tests and ask her to meet us with report.

When she met us again with the report we found that our analysis is correct and she is suffering from Leucorrhea due to hormonal misbalance.We recommended some medicine for bringing balance in hormonal level. We gave stress relied exercise and asked her to meet us again after 2 months. She is better now and we asked to continue the medicine for 6 more months.

Case Study # 7

She is a young lady of 25 years and with a modern thought process. Yes, she is having a boyfriend and she is in a live together relation. They do have regular sexual relationship with each other but in last few months time she started noticing a milky discharge from vagina. Which she ignore initially considering it as a normal discharge after sex. But things turn bad when this discharge started taking a yellow shade with acute irritation.She thought that this is some disease which affected her and she is sick. She started avoiding her partner and stayed away from sexual relation for quite some time. Her boyfriend was not sure why is she behaving like this. One day he confronted to know the valid reason for such act. She broke down and shared the problem with him. He said that he is still with him and will be always. But as per him he needs medical attention which is important. She got our reference from newspaper and took appointment with us.

She is facing this issue for more than 2 months now and now things are turning really worst forher. She faced very embarrassing situation in office due to this problem and sometimes in mid of a meeting she need to move out to reach the toilet. Her underwear also gets too much wet sometimes because of this discharge. She agreed that she is also under stress as because a promotion is due in office and competition is high among employees. Such vaginal problem is affecting her badly and she is finding it difficult to concentrate for the promotion targets.

We understood that here 2 things are working together.1st one is her promotion stress and second one is depression. We predicted that she is having some hormonal misbalance which is causing this problem or she is having some vaginal infection like Leucorrhoea. We recommended undergoing some test and meditating to control the stress she is facing.

After getting the report she met us in our cabin and yes, she is affected due to Leucorrhoea. We gave some Ayurvedic medicine and recommended no sex till recovery.  We make some changes in the diet plan also and suggested spice and less oil food.  After 3 months treatment she is fine now and good news is that she got the promotion in office.

Case Study # 8

She was a very soft spoken, loving and understanding person. She pursued her career in mass communication but could not accomplish it due to some financial problems and later worked in Mumbai as an assistant media person for four years. She was a lady with high confidence and good decision making capability. She was beauty with brain.  She got married 2 years back and it was a love marriage but later she felt her husband was not supportive. Due to this, she feels bad for her decision of getting married. She was feeling irritated from last few months on account of her hair loss and irregular menses, she did not speak out to him about the same and this was breaking her more from inside.

This problem started 3-4 months back when she first realized an itching in the vagina followed by a lump of white and yellowish discharge. She thought that this was a normal vaginal discharge and ignored the same but the continuity gave her sign that this is not just usual discharge and she must consult to doctor. She was depressed as her condition was making her ill and irritated. She was feeling unfit mentally and physically. She decided to seek medical advice and do something for this.

After listening to her problem in private, as we have assured her about the privacy of the case, we advised her to undergo few medical tests to know the exact reason behind the vaginal discharge. There are many reasons for discharge and to know the exact reason and cure it accordingly is the main motive behind these tests. We told her to live stress free and not to worry about her disease as she is at right place for the treatment. We understand that it is difficult to face any situation without any support system, this was making her ill mentally.

We read her reports carefully and found that it was a case of Leucorrhoea which happened because of imbalance of estrogen hormone in the body. The discharge amount kept increasing due to vaginal infection. Misbalance of hormones are the main reason behind this problem, we asked her to not have sex with her husband till she fully recovers or the infection will keep increasing she assured us for the same. We recommended her few Ayurvedic medicines and prepared a proper diet chart for her and warned her to follow to recover soon. She visited us again with her fresh reports after 3 months which shows drastic improvement in her health.

Case Study # 9 

She is 32 year old wife of an IT professional and a mother of 4 year old girl. This beautiful lady was living happy family life and was also doing quite well in her banking job. But during her periods days she feel so irritated and was losing her interest in making sexual relationship with her husband. Everything was fine until her husband suggested her to extend their family and conceive again, she was happy and uncomfortable at the same time. As she also wanted to conceive again but was feeling shy to make relation with her husband. He noticed her uneasiness and asked her for the reason. She confessed that she was noticing excessive discharge of whitish and yellowish mucus from the vagina which smelt really fowl.

For first few months she ignored the situation as she thought this was a normal vaginal discharge but when the problem persisted and was increasing every month she did thorough research on internet and found that this was not normal and must be treated as soon as possible. She was so worried that she immediately rushed to us without anyone to accompany her as she wanted to discuss this separately.

After listening to her problem of itching and heavy discharge we suggested her for few tests to find out the exact reason behind the same. We asked her to relax and have faith in us as situation is under control and the illness is curable. She doesn’t want her to be operated and was in favor of natural treatment, we assured her for the same. She consulted with her family and continued with our treatment.

Reports showed that this was the case of Leucorrhoea and vaginal infection was the reason behind heavy discharge. The reason behind this illness was imbalance of estrogen hormone in the body. We advised her few medicine and strict diet chart. We also suggested her to strictly follow vaginal hygiene to get best results in no time. We also talked to her husband to keep on hold a thought of extending their family until she recovers completely or it may worsen the case. They both followed our instruction and she responded positively to our treatment. After few months they came with fresh test reports which showed she was completely normal and ready to conceive again. Reports showed that this was the case of Leucorrhoea and vaginal infection was the reason behind heavy discharge. The reason behind this illness was imbalance of estrogen hormone in the body. We advised her few medicine and strict diet chart. We also suggested her to strictly follow vaginal hygiene to get best results in no time. We also talked to her husband to keep on hold a thought of extending their family until she recovers completely or it may worsen the case. They both followed our instruction and she responded positively to our treatment. After few months they came with fresh test reports which showed she was completely normal and ready to conceive again.

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