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Case Studies – Libido Loss

Case Studies – Libido Loss

Disclaimer:  These are real case studies of our patients who have benefited from our treatment.  Names have been deliberately changed to protect identity on their request.  Aim of these case studies is to make you understand the problems people face and how have we been able to provide them with viable solutions. [Images used are for illustration purpose only].

Case Study # 1

 She was in her 45 and also mother of 15 year old boy and 10 year old girl. In last few months time she found that she is losing her interest to have sex with her husband. She is an IT professional and in a very good position in the management team and so is her husband. At the day end both want some pleasure in bed, but she dont know how every time she is feeling lethargic and refusing to have sex with. For few days his husband considered it as her work pressure making her too tired, but when it kept continuing he also felt disappointed, depressed and unhappy with his wife. Relationship took a sour turn.

She understood the fact that her husband’s expectations are not wrong at all and she want him to make happy. But dont know what such things are happening. Even problem in the relationship started affecting her work in office and was noticed by the CEO. She was egger to bring that happiness back in life and preferred to visit an expert who can help her in this regard. One fine day she shared her worries to husband and they decided to meet us in our clinic.

When we get to know the problem from the couple we also felt bad as they look like a compatible pair and we honestly wanted them to stay together. Keeping in mind her age we predicted that the problem is because of declining hormones, relationship issues, job stress, and may be some other personal problems which are affecting bedroom relation. We also wanted to be sure about his husband also about Loss of Libido. We asked both of them to undergo some medical test before we finally give any verdict and get some test done.

After going through the reports of the medical test we found that husband is fine but yes, she is suffering from hypoactive sexual desire disorder which is Loss of Libido in women because of hormonal misbalance and super stress in life. We recommended her to change her eating habits and concentrate on fresh and healthy food. We prepared a diet chart for her and restricted her habit to taking alcohol by 1 glass of wine max a day. We also recommended some stress relieving exercise and meditation to soothe the mind and to bring hormonal balance. We met the couple again after 6 months and now they are in a much better state and can feel the improvement in their sexual life.

Case Study # 2

She was 38 years old age woman who was working for an IT company. She was having two small children and an incredibly supportive husband who always stands by her side. After she turned 38, she went into premature menopause and had a complete loss of libido. She faced various symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, fainting, fatigue, poor memory and depression. She worried about his future and how she would satisfy her husband physically. She thought to share this issue with her friend who was working in a medical field. She asked her to pay a visit to our clinic.

Having menopause is quite a normal thing which is associated with each and every woman. She shared everything about how her life has changed after achieving menopause period. She also shared how she lost her libido. Further, she added that her husband lost attractions to me which was quite embarrassing. This was something which affects women emotionally. The same lead to marital problems in the future. She wanted to satisfy him so their relationship lasts longer.

She paid a visit to our clinic with her best friend who suggested to visit us. She looked quite nervous and couldn’t look upside. Her legs were constantly vibrating and she was not feeling well. We asked her not to worry about anything and offered a glass of water to relax. As per her major points of concerns, we reviewed all the medicines which she was taking on a regular basis just to check if there were any side effects which cause the loss of libido in a woman. We examined her body parts and asked for some blood tests to check hormone levels in the body. And for thyroid problems, diabetes, high cholesterol and liver disorders if any. We also asked her to visit our clinic after 3 days.

As suggested by us, she came to visit us with the blood test reports. We found that menopause was indeed the reason behind the issue. However, we advised her to live a smooth and happy life. We suggested her to do join Yoga classes or go for a walk every morning. We prescribed specific medicines to boost the libido. We also shared more details about the side effects of taking this medicines. We asked her to visit us again after 3 months. She visited us again and she looked confident. She achieved sexual desires back.

Case Study # 3

She was just 29 years old and leading the life of her dreams. She was married to a handsome and well-established man who was in his early 30s. He was very caring. Six months back, she delivered a healthy baby. But, problems began to arise post her delivery. She stopped enjoying in bed. In the past six months, she never felt like making sexual contact with her husband. She thought that it might be due to physical and mental stress as her sleep cycle got disturbed after having a baby. She would always stay busy in looking after the baby and could not take proper rest. She thought that things would get normal with time. But, when nothing got normal, she decided to see a doctor.

She was so young and would not want to disappoint her husband. Though her husband was very co-operative and understanding, she knew that her disinterest in sexual life would someday create big issues in her married life. She was happily married and wanted to lead a normal life with her husband. She could not understand how can this happen at such an early age. She had her entire life in front of her and she dreaded to lead her life the way she is leading now. She was worried that if the problem persists, her husband would leave her.

She narrated the issue to us and it took us no time to figure out that her loss of libido is due to the hormonal imbalance that arises due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. But, to confirm our diagnosis we asked them both to undergo some basic tests including the blood test and pelvic exam.

The couple came to us with their reports and we confirmed the diagnosis. We told her that she is suffering from HSDD, i.e. hypoactive sexual desire disorder. We explained to her that it is due to the hormonal imbalance and absolutely normal. Often new mothers face an acute crisis in their sexual relationships due to hormonal changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and also, due to the mental pressure associated with nurturing and taking care of the baby. We offered her proper counseling and put her on some medications and hormonal therapy. She came back after three months and told us that she has regained the interest in her sexual life. She and her husband are leading a happy life.

Case Study # 4

She was at the age of 38 years when she was engulfed by the medical problem of premature menopause. The problems that she faced due to the condition included anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, depression, and loss of sexual drive or libido. She had 2 children and her husband was very supportive and loving. While there were no quarrels or strike between her and her husband because of this condition, the couple’s married life and family happiness were suffering. She reached to her gynecologist regarding the condition and the doctor guided her to us and our clinic.

We found that lack of sexual drive, fatigue, and other associated problems was causing depression in the patient. The patient reported that she did not have a libido or a desire for sex at any time of the day whether it was the daytime or night. She also reported that apart from the lack of sexual desire, she also felt exhausted most of the times and was also not interested any other kind of life activities, which she used to be before entering into menopause.

After heeding what the patient has to say, we initiated a proper medical examination so that all abnormalities concerning the health of the patient were revealed. We found proper and normal genitalia and there were also no other allied conditions (apart from menopause) associated with the patient. We also found certain lifestyle and dietary abnormalities after we indulged in and discussion with the patient in this regard.

We carried out a multi-pronged approach towards treating the patient. We provided her medications of Ayurvedic nature and origin for a “month” duration. The medications were aimed at her overcoming the menopause condition and towards healing other aspects such as anxiety, insomnia, and fatigue as well. We also advised a new lifestyle routine and a new dietary chart to the patient. The therapeutic medications and advice were to be followed by her for a 3-week duration.

The patient was quite jubilant and happy when she met us, after the predetermined period. On her next visit, her husband also accompanied her, and he also thanked us for providing the right therapeutics. The patient said that her weight was now more normal and the active lifestyle and dietary chart helped her feel more energized than before. She said that the libido and sexual drive were restored in her life once again, and she was now quite enthusiastic towards life and activities.

Case Study # 5

He was a successful manager in a leading IT and Tech firm. When he reached the age of 30, his parents decided that it is the right age for him to get married. But when the parents expressed their desire to their son, something unexpected came to the fore. He said that he did not have any sexual fantasies or desire, and told to his parents that he did not have any kind of sexual craving for the past 1 year or so. The parents were alarmed by this revelation and suspected that their son was suffering from some kind of physical or mental disease. The family physician of the concerned family guided them to our clinic.

The patient was accompanied by his parents when he first visited us. While he was shy and hesitant at the start, we started the discussion by asking him questions about his personal as well as professional life. He started opening up slowly and revealed that while earlier he had the regular desire towards having sex, lately he was not getting any erections and the sexual fantasies and desires were now absent or negligible.

We conducted a proper medical physical examination of the patient and found his genitalia to be normal. To know the medical condition of the patient better we asked him to undergo certain clinical tests. Through the test results, we came to know that the patient was suffering from Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder, the cause of which was a low level of the hormone testosterone in the body of the patient. Testosterone is the primary sex hormone found in males, which is responsible for sexual drive and libido.

We asked the patient to undergo a comprehensive therapeutic treatment program. We provided the patient certain Ayurvedic pills that could restore the normal hormonal balance in him. We also provided to him a diet chart and recommended to him certain foods that would help boost his libido. The combined effect of this multipronged therapeutic treatment was also aided by an increase in physical activity of the patient.

The patient recovered fully from lower libido and lack of sexual drive in around 4 months. He thanked us for all our help. He said that he was getting more sexually active and motivated lately and had prominent and long-lasting erections as well. The patient was able to marry a few months later and today has a lovely wife and a 1-year-old child as well.

Case Study # 6

Loss of libido (sex drive) is one of the common problems which are affecting the life of many men and women in some point of their life or other. We handled a case of Anushka and Rohit few months back. They had a love marriage and blessed with twin baby boy after 2 years of marriage. They are working couple and well established with good salary package. Anushka made a better progress in career than Rohit and so her work pressure is quite high when compared to Rohit. Recently she observed the fact that no more Rohit is showing interest on bed and that after certain time irritating her a lot as she is just 32 and have enough sexual desire left in her. She is unable to understand as what went wrong. Whenever she questioned her about this he ignored with some other reason or work pressure. Anushka started feeling bad and felt that she is no more beautiful to attract her husband. In a weak moment she shared her fear with her mother in law. She being an experienced lady understood that the problem is something else and she took an appointment with us for her son and daughter in law. She convinced her son to meet us at least once.

When they met us Anushka is the one who spoke the most. Then we talk to them separately. We found Anushka is all well and she loves her husband a lot. She is making best possible effort to make her look gorgeous in front of him and play a perfect role of mother, wife and dedicated professional. When we talk to Rohit he opened up about the real fact. He is under severe stress because he missed the chance of getting promoted as his boss preferred his relative for promotion. He could be at par with Anushka if he gets promoted.  He is feeling low and de-motivated in front of his wife.

We found that stress of Rohit is working on the relation badly and he is losing interest to have sex with his wife.

We shared the fact with Anushka in front Rohit and clearly said that they need to work on Rohit’s stress. We recommended meditation and few exercise for him and requested Anushka to motivate Rohit all the time. They followed our instruction and yes finally he erased stress from life and sex life is back in full force. Anushka’s motivation helped Rohit overcoming stress.

Case Study # 7

It was his 2nd marriage and last one ended up in a bitter note when his wife cheated him and entered into an extra marital affair with his ex boss. All this she did for status and money. After his parents convinced him to try his luck once again he decided to get married. The lady with whom his second marriage was fixed is a young widow of an army man. They spoke a lot about each other’s stories of past and their expectations from each other before they agreed to get married. The wedding finally happened and whenever she wanted to get closer to him somehow she found that he is hesitating and avoid having sex. She wondered what exactly the problem is and after 1 month she asked him why he is avoiding her on bed. He had no answer and just replied that he wants time to get closer. Out of anxiety about her new married life she spoke to her ex sister in law who is still a dear friend to her. After understanding the situation she recommended her to convince her husband to meet us once. He agreed looking at the face of her depressed wife.

He asked his wife to sit by his side when he speaks to us as emotionally he needs her presence in life. He said that his last marriage effect is still acting like a nightmare for him. Whenever he tries to be intimate with his now wife old memories haunted him like anything and he loses interest in having sex. He is having so much stress in life that it is affecting his sexual life and he is well aware of that. He need help to overcome this situation as he wants to maintain a healthy relation with his present wife.

We understood that this loss of libido is because of stress he is taking. The moment he gets realized from these depression things will fall in place. There is no other medical reason behind this.

We asked him to first do some stress realizing exercise and spend more time with his wife and share the pain he is hiding from her. On the other hand we recommended her wife to be more caring and romantic towards him. We insist them to go for a honeymoon for few days to erase the past. The couple followed us and when they came back to us after 6 months, his wife is already pregnant with their first child. We are happy to know this progress in the relation.

Case Study # 8

 She was 30 year old and was living with her boyfriend since last 5 years. She was working as a Professor in Management College. Everything was fine between them they both were madly in love with each other but from past few months every time he ask him for sex she feels tired and lethargic which created differences between them as he thought that she is losing interest in him. Trust issues were growing between them. At first she thought that work pressure was making her tired but the reason was different. They both felt disappointed and unhappy with their relationship.

At the end of the day everyone wants some pleasure and love from there partner she can understand the feeling of her boyfriend but was not feeling like having sex with him. Every time she tries to make him happy she fails. She was feeling angry as she was not able to find the exact reason behind her behavior. She was irritated and upset this was affecting her professional life too. She decided to bring happiness back in there relation and thus she convinced herself to visit our clinic and seek medical advice and find the exact reason behind this.

When she came to us she was alone and was feeling uncomfortable about sharing her problem with us. We tried to comfort her and assured her about the privacy we maintain with our customer’s medical details. She felt nice and safe with us and discussed her problem. We patiently listen to her problem and advised her to undergo few medical tests. There are many reasons for the same such as diminishing hormones, relationship issues, job stress, and may be some other personal problems. We asked her to visit our office again with her partner.

After going through her report we found that she is suffering from Loss of libido also known as from hypoactive sexual desire disorder. The reason behind this is hormonal misbalance and excessive stress. We suggested her to have good and balanced diet and to change her habits of eating junk food and having alcohol. We also recommended some stress relieving exercise and meditation which will relax her mind. We ordered his boyfriend to stay with her and keep her happy ad stress free. They both assured us to do so and left our office with happiness and relief on their faces.

Case Study # 9

He was in his mid 30s and was madly in love with his wife. He was a businessman and was living with his journalist wife.  Both were good enough to manage their expenses but at the end of the day both wants to get pampered and loved. Sex is known as one the best stress buster. But from last few days he was feeling that his wife was losing interest to have sex with him. He thought that work load and office stress was making her feel lethargic every time and that is why she is refusing to have sex with him.

They both were so disappointed and depressed because of which their relationship was turning bitter. Even problem in the relationship started affecting their professional life. He has many expectations with his wife and decided to talk to her patiently about what is bothering her. They both want to solve the problem and bring the energy happiness back to their life, so they decided to visit a councilor who can help them; they choose us as best relationship expert.

They shared everything about what was making their relation sour. They make a good pair and we were feeling bad for them as they are the sweetest couple we have ever met. He was with her all the time and was standing with her as her moral support. We asked them to have few tests to know the exact reason as there are many reasons such as deteriorating hormones, relationship issues, job stress, and may be some other personal problems which are affecting their sexual relations. Lifestyle also affects your stamina to have sex.

After thorough study of his reports and symptoms mentioned by her we found that this case was of loss of libido a hypoactive sexual desire disorder in women because of hormonal misbalance and super stress in life. We recommended her to make healthy diet chart and concentrate on eating fresh and healthy food. We warned her to stay away from alcohol and do exercise and meditation to live stress free life.  We advised both of them to relax and take out time for themselves as they make a cute couple. She followed our advice and reacted to our treatment positively. They both came to us after 7 months with happy faces and good news of her being a 4 month pregnant.

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