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Case Studies – STD – HIV

Case Studies – STD – HIV

Case Study # 1


He is a mid aged man in his late 30’s. He was earlier married to a girl who used to be his long term girl friend. They stayed happily for about 6 years and after that they started having problem in their relation and he was not sure about the exact cause which is causing the drift between them. One day his ex wife refused to stay with him any more as she is in love with someone else who is also working in the same office of her and is her boss. She agreed that she already had sex with him when husband was out of station and maintained relationship with him too at home. Now she wants to marry her boss and want a divorce. He was shattered but felt it is better to let her go than staying in a bad relation. The divorce happened. After one 2 months gap he started feeling low in life and even not well most of the time.  He decided to meet us to go for a general check.

While meeting us in our clinic he came with his brother. He narrated the story of his life and also said that how he betrayed in life when he found that his ex wife was sexually involved both with him and her now husband. After the divorce he started not keeping well and feels that out of depression he is suffering health issues. He wants to get married again and lead a healthy life and so want to be fit before choosing the bride.

After hearing the story in detail we got some alarming signal on our mind and wished that what we are thinking comes out as wrong in medical test. We gave some blood test to be done and asked him to intimate the clinic to send the report directly to us. We said this keeping the intuition we are having this case.

We are very correct when we checked the report. He is a STD – HIV affected. We intimated to come to us with his brother again. When he met us we opened the reason behind not keeping well. He was shocked and speechless and was cursing his ex wife for spoiling his life as he never had any relation with any other woman. We confirmed HIV patients can lead a normal life subject to the fact he follows the precaution. We asked him to clear the fact to the family if he is planning to get married and better to marry a woman with same problem and go for protected sex only and follow the medications we are suggesting and enjoy life. It was really a depressing case for us but we promised us to make him feel happy and still keep connected to him to motivate him to stay happy.

Case Study # 2

 She was a professional dancer and practising her dancing in a very reputed dance class for last 2 years. Apart from this, she was also working in BPO during the main hours. She was very focused on her career in dancing. In fact, she was the most passionate dancer in the entire group which makes her unique in her own way. Being a young girl, she was in a long-term relationship with a guy from her dance class. Under the influence of alcohol, she got intimidated by her boyfriend and had unprotected sex afterwards. She worried about this, and anxiety was taking over her life after that incident. She shared everything with her bestie who advised her to pay a visit to us.

She told us everything about her past life and the relationship between her boyfriend since last 2 years. She also shared that they always use protection during intercourse. However, recently she had unprotected sex with him and since then, she is worried about the STD and HIV. Since she was knowledgeable enough, anxiety took over her life. She also shared that she can’t concentrate on her work. Her life became miserable and her smile went away for the last couple of weeks.

She was very concerned about her risk of having acquired STD or HIV after having had unprotected sex with her partner. She looked tense and her smile was missing completely. He eyes were sleepy and she couldn’t even look up-front. She was very depressed with what had happened. We assumed that she is having anxiety. She might be at risk of having STD or HIV since that was an unprotected sex. We asked her blood tests and urine tests which are essential to figuring out this case. We also asked her to pay a visit to us once more with the reports.

The reports showed negative results and there were no any symptoms associated with either STD or HIV. We shared everything that the reports have said and she got her smile back. However, to overcome her anxiety, we advised her to follow some things in her daily routine life. We told her to think differently and forget about what had happened in the past. We asked her to concentrate more about her career in dancing and feel happy about being healthy.

Case Study # 3 

He was working with a reputed MNC when they sent him abroad on a project. He went to a foreign country leaving his family and friends. After some time, he started feeling homesick. His friends advised him to enjoy his life as he is too young to harbor stress. He accompanied his friends to a pub, met a lady and eventually slept with her under the influence of alcohol. And then, there was no stopping. He had sexual encounters multiple times with different partners. He also indulged in unprotected sex. One fine day, after returning to the country, he noticed an ulcer on his genital and researched on the internet. He got worried about what he read and came to us.

He was worried about the sore on his genital area. He told us about the sexual encounters. He was under stress and was profusely sweating while talking to us. He was hoping that whatever he had read on the internet wasn’t the case with him.

When we heard his story, we were almost sure that it is the case of an STD. He looked much stressed and we tried to pacify him. We told him that it could only be a normal sexually transmitted infection. He also told us that in the past few weeks he had been feeling quite low physically as well as mentally. He mentioned that he had had a fever, headache, and sore throat a few weeks ago. To confirm the condition, we asked him to take some medical tests. We also ensured him that his reports will be kept confidential.

The reports reached us directly and we called him to our facility. It was the case of an HIV exposure. He was devastated after seeing his reports. As he was in the initial stage, we explained to him that he is not suffering from AIDS. We counseled him and eradicated all his misconceptions pertaining to HIV infection and AIDS. We explained to him that he can lead an absolutely normal life. Though he was crying frantically, we managed to calm him down. We put him on antiretroviral therapy (ART) designed specifically for HIV patients. We advised him regular counseling and asked him to strictly follow all the precautions. We tried our best to motivate him to lead a normal life and we succeeded.

Case Study # 4 

She had the age of 33 years when she first met us. She was a teacher by profession and was also married to a teacher for the past 5 years, and had a happy life.  But the problems aroused when the husband indulged in a post-marital relationship and intercourse sessions. There were also post-marital strife, quarrels, and other issues in between the teacher couples. The husband once said to her wife that she is in a relationship with another woman and they also had intercourse and sex in between them. She was totally taken aback by the news and was very much disturbed when she heard these facts initially. She was later able to recollect herself and took divorce from her husband. She thought that it was better to pursue a new relationship or be alone than having a bad relationship that had no future. After a period of 3 months of divorce, she started feeling fatigued, and other health issues including common cold started to affect her more than often. It was at this point that she decided to reach us after conducting a search on the internet.

She was accompanied by her father when she first met her at our clinic. She told that her married life has ended and she wished to be married again. She said that she was having both mental and physical health issues. She was getting ill more than often and was also getting increasingly depressed. She said that she wanted to be healthy and fit, and wish to start a new life.

The patient told us about her family and personal history. We were able to correlate with the sudden illness symptoms and the instance of unprotected sex. As the couple was exposed to unhealthy and unprotected sex, we advised her to undergo a certain clinical test in order to check for sexual viral disease.

What alarmed us was not devoid of reason and she was confirmed of carrying the HIV virus. She was entirely taken aback and shocked when she heard the news initially. She execrated her husband. She said she it was very honest in her relationship, and never indulged in a bad sexual behavior.

We told her that the HIV patients can have a very normal and happy life if they followed the medications and precautions carefully. We told her that she can marry a male that has HIV infection, and should also follow protected sex regulations every time. We suggested her the requisite medications and motivated her to pursue a new and happy life.

Case Study # 5

 She was a good sports person and had made a name for herself in the sport of gymnastics. She had played at Regional and National level tournaments and her life was quite fulfilling and successful until an untoward incidence happened. On a national tournament tour she indulged in an unprotected sex with another male sports person. After a year she started feeling more fatigued. She also witnessed more number of infections and other ailments, including common cold. She was very depressed because of her medical condition and her professional life was deteriorating slowly but steadily. She talked to her father about the condition and he accompanied her to our clinic.

The patient was very unhappy, tired and depressed when she first met us. She told her about the medical problems. She was aware of sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS, and hence also told her about her incidence of unprotected sex a year ago. She said that she wanted to marry soon, and wished that a complete check-up be carried out so that any medical diseases associated with her could be totally revealed. She said that the frequent infections, fatigue and ailments were taking their toll, and her performance was worsening at gymnasiums.

One thing that we found particularly pleasing was that the patient family was quite supportive. The father, mother, or both accompanied her on her clinic visits.We carried out a physical examination of the patient (female doctor was designated the task). We also asked her to undergo certain clinical test. The tests revealed that she had been infected by the HIV virus. The problem and medical diseases of AIDS or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome was in its earlier stages and hence she had good chances of leading abnormal and happy life.

We advised her to follow the required medications. We told her that she should not have sex with normal people. We told her that she can marry another HIV positive person, and should practice all necessary precautions while having sex so that no second infection occurs.She was able to lead a happy life thereafter. The treatment of HIV is quite advanced today and one can lead a happy and productive life if he/she practices the precautions. She also looked forward to marrying a person who had the HIV infection, so that the risk was overcome and she could get through and experience the happiness of married life as well.

Case Study # 6

 Manisha (Name Changed) is a young girl in her late 20’s. She is working with an MNC and in a good position. She stays away from parents in a hostel. She started dating a guy from her own office and was going really well. One day she failed to keep control on her and end up making sex with her boyfriend. She was OK with that as she was sure that she is going to marry this guy in future.   But luck was not in her favour and she got to know from a close friend that he is cheating on her and already having physical relation with his steady girlfriend. She was shocked bur controlled her emotion by convincing herself that she is saved well in time as her life could have been spoiled. But situation turned worst when she again got a bad news that the girl with whom he is also having relation is detected with HIV positive. She thought that the virus must have entered her body because of the one night stay he had with the cheater. The guy took precaution while having sex with her but still wants to be sure and decided to meet us.

She said that she is aware that she ex boyfriend took precaution when he had sex with her. But many times condom also fails and if that is the case she is doubtful about her present health status. She is under super stress and will remain so till the time she is sure about her condition.

We recommended her to first cool down as too much stress is no good for health and may lead to Low BP or even cause a heart attack. Next we asked her to undergo some tests and without checking the report nothing can be confirmed even by us.

Thank god the report came in favour of this girl and she is not a HIV victim. We told her that next time she need to be emotionally strong before trusting any guy to consider as life partner. She is lucky that she is safe or else in case of unprotected sex things could have been different for her. She assured us that she will not do such things. We just recommended some meditation methods which can help her to cool down her mind to lead a happy and peaceful life.

Case Study # 7 

In modern society we are losing our traditional values. Western culture is entering the Indian society and so these days having sex before marriage is quite common to see. The best part is that the society is accepting and considering as a preferred method to know your partner before marriage in place of entering into a bad marriage with relationship problems. One such case which we handled in recent time is of Rajkumar and Meenakshi (Name changed) from Delhi. Meenakshi was an IT professional and few months back she met with an accident and needed immediate blood transfusion.  The situation was so critical that her family didn’t care to check the donor’s HIV status and blood was infused. After reviving from the condition she started leading a normal life and in some weak moments Meenakshi and Rajkumar had sex before marriage. That was one single night. After this Meenakshi started keeping unwell and when she went for a medical checkup doctor doubted something and asked for blood test and she came to know she is HIV positive. She wondered how that happened, is it her boyfriend or the donor responsible. After checking it was found that the donor was the culprit. Knowing this Rajkumar doubted for his own status and wanted to be sure if he is fine or not.

He came to us and narrated the whole story. He said marriage is not possible both of them know after knowing Meenakshi blood report test. But what is his status he want to be sure as earlier no such report proved any problem with his blood.  He also confirmed that he took protection when he had sex with Meenakshi. But if there is leakage in condom then things can be different.

We understood what he exactly looking for as he checked if things will be secret with us or not. Without lengthening the conversation much further we straight way asked home to undergo blood test.

Report came in his favour and he is not a HIV patient, but he felt really sorry for Meenakshi and asked if their way out is to maintain relation with Meenakshi after marrying her as he loves her truly. We clarified the methods he needs to follow to take precaution when he gets closer to Meenakshi. He promised to convince both Meenakshi and his parents for the marriage and said they will adopt a child. 2 months back we attended his wedding ceremony with Meenakshi.

Case Study # 8

He was a 26 year old boy living away from his family in abroad. This smart and handsome boy was in relationship with foreigner girl. He was so fond of her beauty. One day while she was away with some work he checked her phone and find out few chats with unknown person. This was not a casual chat, they both were chatting about sex and had made relation several times in past. He was shattered and he could not believe his eyes.  He left her house and never returned. He didn’t even answer her calls and emails.

He was depressed as he did not expect this from her. He was an emotional man and could not get out of the trauma. His friends tried to console him and make him happy but he was not in mood. His roommate suggested him to visit his homeland and to spend some time with family which will relieve his stress. He returned to India and still was not able to cope up with the depression. He was feeling angry about himself. Depression was making him sick. He decided to do something to cure this and visited our clinic for medical advice.

Young and handsome boy entered our clinic. It was so sad to see such a physically fit man so depressed. We consoled him and advised to relax as heartbreak is part of life, your life does not end here. You have to start again and live happily for your parents. We advised him to undergo few medical tests and come back with reports. The negative point in this case was that the patient was already depressed and anything negative in reports will make him sadder.

He visited us with his reports and it was not good.  After going through his reports carefully and repeatedly we were sure that this is the case of HIV. We were feeling sad for him. We asked him about the past sexual relation. He confessed that she was the only girl in his life and her sexual relation with other man cost him this lifetime illness. He was more depressed we advised him to be happy and positive towards life. We suggested him to make sexual relation with those who are suffering from the same illness or else use protection. He assured us to meditate daily to live stress free.

Case Study # 9

 She was 22 year old radio jockey and was staying in live in relationship with her long time boyfriend aged 25. She was staying away from her family as her family members did not accepted the concept of living with boyfriend before marriage. She was head to heel in love with him. One day she was away for a day for few interviews and when she returned home unannounced she was shattered after finding her boyfriend with another girl. She asked both of them to leave and never met him again. She was crushed mentally. Breakup affected her negatively as she lost all her contacts with her family and was left alone and depressed, she started feeling low and could not concentrate on her professional life. In one of her recent interviews she came through one of her patients who narrated her about her depressing story. So she decided to book an appointment with us and come for a general counseling.

She came to us and narrated her story about how she was betrayed by her long time boyfriend. She was feeling depressed and wanted to start her life again but something was unusual with her. She was not feeling well mentally and physically. She badly wanted to live a healthy and happy life again but she was not ready yet.

After hearing her problem patiently we suggested her some medical tests and advised to stay calm as these medical tests are to find out if there are any other reason behind her uneasiness. One of the negative point of this case was that she was not accompanied by anyone she was alone mentally and physically. We have to support her in both ways.

We were little worried about her reports as her symptoms were signaling towards a STD-HIV disease, one of the incurable disease. After going through her reports we were also shattered as her reports confirmed that she is an HIV patient. She was angry with her boyfriend as he was the only man in her life. We suggested her that if she is planning to get married than its better to marry a man with same problem and go for protected sex and follow the medications. We also recommended her to stay happy and connected to her family members and friends as they will only help you to cope up with this difficult situation.

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