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Best Diet plan for height growth

The following information is for educational purpose only and should not be considered as medical advice. Consult with qualified healthcare professionals for personalised recommendations.


The height of an individual depends on heredity, but proper nutrition ensures the right growth. Humans are capable to experience an increase in their height up to a certain age. But if one follows a balanced diet since its childhood, the bones can grow beyond that age. A properly balanced diet keeps the bones, joints, and muscles strong so that people can get an appropriate height. Hence, experts always advise following a height diet plan for a better result in the future.

The prime determinant of human growth is the HGH or human growth hormone. Hence, one should take foods that regulate the HGH function. The inclusion of enough protein, minerals, vitamins is essential in your everyday meal. Proteins help in building tissues whereas minerals play a vital role in increasing height. So, check the diet plans mentioned below, following which you can get the desired height.

  • Never skip breakfast. Breakfast is the first meal of the day. You should prepare breakfast and ensure it includes all nutrients. Those who prefer non-veg can opt for oats, almonds, raisins, eggs, and fat-free milk as breakfast. This meal is a pack of calcium, protein, and carbs. 
  • After breakfast, you can choose to have small snacks. A snack may include yogurt, papaya, and apricot. This meal will help you to get enough vitamin D from yogurt. Besides, fruits will keep you healthy.
  • At lunch, experts suggest taking brown rice, chicken, or fresh paneer. You can add peas and carrots to make lunch healthier. Chicken is the source of protein, and grain will keep you energetic. This balanced menu will give you proper growth.
  • To maintain a diet plan for height increase, you cannot skip the evening snack. The evening snacks can include fat-free milk, roasted soybeans, and any fruit of your choice.
  • You should maintain dinner with proper food value. Whole wheat chapatti, salad, mixed lentil, etc are good for you. You can opt for brown rice in place of chapatti. You can also add fish to your dinner meal. 

Apart from non-veg people, veggies also need to follow the best Diet for height growthVeggies avoid taking fish, egg, or chicken, rather they can opt for peanut butter, paneer, broccoli, cashews, etc. Vegans can choose more fruits during breakfast, lunch, or evening snacks. Hence, you have understood how nutrition plays a vital role in maintaining proper growth. Diets filled with exact nutrients will not only promote growth but also keep you healthy. So, you can enjoy a healthy life. These days treatments are available which can help in improving the height of an individual in the growing age. Ayurveda science is one of the best choices for height improvement treatment as it comes with no side effects. We will suggest you get in touch with one of the best ayurvedic consultant in your city for the height improvement treatment. The early you notice the height problem easier it will be for the doctor to treat you and help you in getting the desired height.

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