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Case Studies – Menstrual Disorder

Case Study # 1

She is a successful manager with a multi-national company and 2 months back got promoted with a good salary hike. Everything was good till the time she started having problem with her period dates. She is 35 years and a mother of 1. The date is getting delayed by more than 2 months many times and when it happens it caused unbearable pain. Situation turned so worst that she was forced to take leave from her office during those days and this is generating huge problem in her professional life as the cause in unexplainable for her to management. She started getting depressed and irritated about the problem. She could not concentrate on her work and that hot noticed by her boss. She discussed the whole matter with her elder sister and she took her to our clinic.

When she visited our clinic she was feeling bit shy to start discussion. We started the interaction in a casual note about her job and what she likes and dislikes in life.  This way she felt bit normal and explained the whole issue slowly. She was actually suffering from heavy period and that too with huge time gap. During this time she used to feel extreme fatigue and lethargic towards doing any work because of back and stomach pain. For us such cases are very common and asked her to go for some hormonal tests.

Looking at her face we noticed that she is abnormally pale which we predicted to be a reason of being anemic which again impacts menstruation. Keeping her age in mind we also observed that there can be chance of hormonal dis-balance in the body which happens due to over stress and work pressure. But it was not right to comment on any case till be have the reports in our hand.

She underwent all tests and met us back on next weekend. We went through the report and found both our observation were correct in her case. She is anemic and above that going under depression due to stress and work pressure. We explained her thing and confirmed that she will be 100% fine only if she follows our instructions. She promised to do so.  We gave her hormonal pills to bring balance in the body and suggested pranayam yoga steps to remove stress and anxiety and bring positivity in life. We strictly recommend 30 mins walk in the morning for breathing fresh air. We asked her to meet us after 6 months. Well before this time within 4 months of our treatment we get a call for her and she said life is back in track.

Case Study # 2

Vandana is a 30 years young lady working with a reputed IT company. She earns a good salary and is completely satisfied with her life. Last 2 months she started facing a problem with her period dates. She has experienced a huge gap in the period dates that delayed even for more than 2 months and when it happens, she experiences unbearable pain. Her pain forced her to take leaves that caused a problem in office life also. It was hard for her to explain the reason for the frequent leaves and his boss was irritated. Even she was also depressed and irritated with the problem. Her work quality was also affected by this and overall performance was dipped in last few months. After trying everything, she discussed the Menstrual Disorders with her friend and decided to visit our clinic.

On her visit to our clinic, she was shy and was not able to discuss the problem deeply. We started behaving friendly and assured her to keep the entire treatment confidential from others. Once she gained confidence, she disclosed the entire matter that helped us to analyse and diagnose the problem more effectively. She is facing Menstrual Disorders that cause a huge gap in periods with heavy pain. At this time she feels extreme fatigue and lethargic along with stomach and back pain. We suggested her some hormonal test that cleared us the issue more precisely.

On the first visit we noticed that her face is pale and this can be the major reason for her being anaemic. This mostly affects the menstruation and we also noticed that there can be some other hormonal reasons for this medical condition. The major reason for the hormonal dis-balance can be due to the workload, night shift and diet problem. So we decided to go for the medical test and then star medication based on the real facts and reason for the problem.

We performed all the tests and asked her to visit next week for the treatment. After analysis of the report, the major reason for the Menstrual Disorders was cleared and was due to the work pressure, depression and unusual working hours. We started the treatment and suggested some pranayam yoga for removing stress, work pressure and asked to prefer the normal working hours. Along with this, we also provided hormonal pills to balance the body and make it healthy once again.

Case Study # 3

She was 20 years old and was doing her graduation. She was extremely thin and pale. She would never take a proper diet and this often upsets her mother. Since past many months, she had been having irregular periods. She missed four menstrual periods in a row and it was a subject of worry for her. She discussed this problem with her best friend as she knew her mother would get worried. Her best friend recommended our name. She took the earliest possible appointment and came to our facility.

She had been dealing with irregular periods for more than two to three years. But, in the past few months, she began missing her periods for two to three months in a row. She looked worried. This also took a toll on her studies. She failed to concentrate on studies and got poor marks in her exams where she somehow managed to pass with low grades. She wanted to have regular periods as she knew that irregularity in periods can lead to serious consequences later in her life.

She visited us with her friend. She was extremely thin indicating that she has some eating disorder. She was also looking pale hinting towards anemia. She hesitantly discussed her problem with us. 

We made her comfortable and the discussion lasted for an hour. We knew that her problem is somewhere associated with her eating habits and hence, we pointed out that. We discussed her eating habits and figured out that she is suffering from anorexia, an eating disorder. While discussing the problem with her, we also came to know that of late, she has been dealing with excessive hair fall. We advised her of some hormonal tests and asked her to see us after getting the report.

She came to us with the reports. We found out that she is anemic. Her reports stated hormonal imbalance. We explained to her the consequences of anorexia and asked her to take a healthy diet. We prescribed her some medications to establish hormonal balance. We gave her a diet chart and asked her to strictly follow the diet. 

We assured her that she would be absolutely fine and will have normal periods given she follows our instructions. She happily agreed with us. When she came for the follow-up, she looked healthy. She has gained some weight and was looking very happy. She has started to have regular periods and doing well in her college.

Case Study # 4

She is a college professor, very reputed in her field of academics. Her life so far has been very pleasant and happy. She had a loving husband and two children. Suddenly things started to go wrong, and she started to suffer from menstrual problems. Her menstrual periods were not regular lately. Sometimes they do do not happened for more than 2 months and she suffered from unbearable and intolerable pain in these instances. Apart from the pain and agony, these problems were also getting her depressed, anxious, and fatigued. She failed to concentrate on her job responsibilities, which was not unnoticed by her superiors. Her personal and family life also started to suffer. His father was also a physician, and he decided to bring her to our clinic.

We find her to be shy and resistant initially and hence started the discussion by chats on casual topics. She felt relaxed after a brief interval of time and subsequently narrated her whole experience for the past year. She told that she was depressed because of the untimely menstrual periods, which often got delayed and were heavy and abnormal. She reported that the periods also caused immense pain. Apart from these problems, she said that she also suffered from pain in the back and other areas of the body, which did not allow her to lead a normal, fruitful, and productive life. We had experience in dealing with these kinds of cases before. Hence we asked her to undergo certain clinical and hormonal tests so that the whole picture could be clear.

The tests revealed that she was suffering from certain hormonal misbalances, just as we predicted. She was also anemic to a certain extent. The cause of these problems was a nutrient deficient diet and excessive work and profession stress.

We provided to her certain hormonal pills so that the hormonal balance in our body could be made more stable, optimized, and normal. We also provided to her certain dietary advice and tips and told her to follow yoga asanas, including the Pranayama yoga, for relieving stress and anxiety. We also advised her to take at least a 30-minute brisk walk, and get fresh and open air each day. The combination of medications, dietary regulations, and regular exercise put her health back to normal. She was able to have normal menstrual periods and got stress-free as well within 6 months period.

Case Study # 5

She was a good academician and a reputed teacher at the college she serves. At the age of 32, she had a good career, a son, and a very loving and supporting husband. For the past 6 months, she was undergoing certain medical problems that deeply frustrated and irritated her. She was witnessing heavy menstrual periods over a prolonged interval of time. Apart from these problems she also witnessed menstrual bleeding outside the menstrual cycle. A physician she knew guided her to our clinic, so that she could overcome this problem.

The patient was very embarrassed and was a bit shy and hesitant to discuss the problem initially. We prompted her towards general discussions and later she opened up. She’s told that these untimely heavy periods were causing her weakness and fatigue and she was also not able to focus on her job responsibilities. The happiness in her personal life was also deteriorating. She said that she wanted to overcome these medical problems soon so that there is no adverse impact on her professional and personal life.

We carried out a thorough medical examination of the patient to know all the details and conditions concerning her mind and body. We carried out a physical examination, as well as told her to undergo certain clinical tests. We found the patient suffering from hormonal imbalances that were caused by excessive stress and workload in her life, and due to the absence of regular exercises and correct dietary choices. The patient was suffering from the disease of Menometrorrhagia, which is a kind of disorder concerning menstrual cycle. The patient was having both irregular blood flows as well as heavy periods from time to time. This disorder of flow affected hundreds of women. We had good expertise in treating these, as many patients that we had earlier treated belonged to this category.

We provided the patient certain Ayurvedic hormonal pills that could restore the hormonal balance of her body without causing any side effects. We told her to choose more healthy foods including the foods that are rich in Iron and told her to follow exercise schedules regularly. The patient’s menstrual cycle related disorders and problems were overcome fully in around 5 months. Her normal and happy condition after the treatment period was very satisfying for us. Her family supported her throughout the treatment, and we found this very pleasing.

Case Study # 6

She is just 12 years of age and her periodic cycle started 1 year back. For initial 2-3 months she was having her periods every month but the gap was for 25 to 30 days. But after that there was a gap of 2 or 3 months for the next cycle to come. She used of have huge bleeding after the delayed cycle and with stomach paon. Life used to be like a hale for the young girl and her condition was also so pathetic that she needs to bunk her school for those days. The number of absent days was increasing in school and one fine day her principal gave a call to her parents. Her mother met her class teacher before meeting the principal as she was not feeling comfortable to discuss the thing with him. Her class teacher took the responsibility to convey the reason of absenteeism to principal.But asked her mom to wait for her still she is back. When she returned she referred the name of us to her mom and asked her to take her to us.

The girl was too young to express the problem and so some blood and pain make her condition really worst. She is totally confused what exactly is happening with her. Her mother shared the problem with us and explained what exactly is happening with her and pathetic the condition of the girl because of irregular period and that too with heavy flow. She was to get her girl out of this pain to lead a normal happy life.

What we understood is that the main reason behind this problem is some hormonal misbalance which is causing the problem. Many are not aware that in the beginning years of periodic cycle many like this girl pass through this problem. The reason is that the body undergoes a change before its gets settle in a regular monthly cycle.

We first asked the little girl to feel stress free as she is not ill because of any disease and this happened with many like her in this age. We gave her some medicine to bring regularity in the cycle. We changed some diet plan and gave some free hand exercise. We also recommended regular cycling to make the muscles flexible to handle the heavy flow of pain. Her mom kept a strict eye on the recommendation we gave and ensure she is following all.  After 6 months of our treatment she is dealing a healthy life.

Case Study # 7 

She was in her final year of MBA and many companies are already coming in the campus for placement. She is good her studies but under severe stress as she failed to qualify in first 2 campus visit and many more are still waiting to come. She was wondering if she can actually get qualified for placement in any of the top notch companies of the industry or not. In between such tension she started getting another tension of missed period of 2 months and she was in the 3rd month of consecutive no period and still there is no sign of it. In the mean time she received a good news that she got placed with one of the leading MNC’s which visited for campus recruitment 15 days back and she need to go for training of 15 days and return back to college to appear for the final exams. She didn’t get the chance to celebrate her success as because of training she will not get time for last minute preparation of final semester which is must to clear to get permanently placed with the company. The period issue was serious one for her and she want to clear it before leaving for the training.

She started feeling uneasy all the time because of no sign of period for 3 months and even some of her hostel mates started making joke on her that with whom she lost virginity and is pregnant. Such things were hurting her badly when she clearly knows she is pure. Looking at the pain one of her local friend from the city recommended us to get relief.

Nothing can be said until and unless we get some test done as we were not aware of her past. For us urine test was a must along with some hormonal test of blood. Without confusing her much we asked her to get these tests done and why. We clarified that to recommend any medicine to her we must know the root cause. We found her bold and she agreed for the test.

The report came and pregnancy report was negative. We now were sure that all these happened because of taking extra stress in life. We asked her to release stress in life and enjoy it. We gave some medicine for causing immediate bleeding and gave 28 days medicine which she need to take and after that period will again start. We recommend this medicine for 3 months and get back to us in 4th month. She visited us with her news of permanent placement and said she had her 4th cycle and feeling better now.

Case Study # 8 

She was 35 year old and was a mother of 4 year old girl she was working as a teacher in one of the reputed school of her town. She was living a happy life with her family. She was very calm and beautiful lady, but during her periods she become irritated and depressed as her irregular periods and menstrual cramps was bothering her. Even her performance in school was affected with her behavior, principal has warned her two times for being irresponsible, but situation was not in her control.  She shared her problem with one of her colleague who suggested her to consult a doctor.

At first she thought that this was due to stress but when the problem persisted for more than a year she was worried about her health as this may create a hindrance for her in conceiving a baby again. She decided to consult a doctor and find out the exact reason behind the problem and to see whether it’s curable or not. Her irregular period was annoying and was making her depressed. She wanted to get rid of this illness and live life like she used to live. She chose us to seek medical advice.

She came to us with her friend and explained her problem elaborately to us. The positive thing in this case was that she was a bold lady and ready to fight with the odds of her life. She shared with us that she wants to conceive again but even after trying from last few years she failed to do so maybe because of this menstrual disorder. We assured her about the proper medication and privacy with her medical history. We advised her for few blood tests, urine tests and ultrasound.

She came back to us with her reports and as we guessed she was suffering from menstrual disorder a common problem in females. We assured her that this is curable and she will be able to conceive soon. We strictly ordered her to make changes in diet plans and develop a habit of healthy eating. Maintain vaginal hygiene and few exercises will help you get cured sooner. Our ayurvedic medicines and meditation to live stress free will cure her disorder in 3 months. She revisited us with fresh reports after 4 months and tremendous improvement in her health was visible. She is now pregnant with 5 month baby and her disorder was completely cured.

Case Study # 9

 She was a 21 year old young and beautiful girl residing far from her home town for studies. Her father wants her to be an IAS officer. She was getting trained for the same while staying away from home. This makes her confident and self-dependent girl but those heavy bleeding and menstrual cramps is what bothers her a lot and being a sexual problem she was unable to share it with anyone. But her room partner was so supportive and noted her uneasiness at the time of periods and suggested her to consult doctor as this can make her ill internally.

She was well aware about the consequences of irregular period she was concerned about her sex life after marriage and chances of conceiving a child. Despite of these physical issues menstrual cramps and irregular periods was also affecting her mentally. She feels irritated and cannot concentrate on her studies. This was followed by backache, dizziness, vomiting and headache. This was affecting her social and personal life badly. For concentrating on her exams preparation she wants to lead a stress-free life which was not possible with these irregular periods and unbearable cramps. When the situation became intolerable for her she decided to consult a doctor and get rid of this problem.

After listening patiently to her symptoms we were sure that this is a case of menstrual disorder a common hormonal problem in females nowadays. We suggested her not to worry as she is at right place and at right time. We advised her to go through few ultrasounds and blood tests and after looking at results we will proceed with our treatment. There are many reasons for this sexual disorder such as unbalanced diet plans and irregular routine. The positive point of this case was that she took action against the illness and right time and did not wait for it to heal on its own.

After going through her test results, we started our treatment as according to test result it was not that severe problem and if treated well results will be visible within few days of treatment. We suggested her to take our Ayurvedic medicines on time and strictly follow a proper diet plan for best results. She responded positively to our treatment and now she is a mother of 4 year old girl and last year she passed out an IAS exams with unbelievable ranking.

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