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Case Studies – Prediabetes

Case Studies – Prediabetes

Disclaimer:  These are real case studies of our patients who have benefited from our treatment.  Names have been deliberately changed to protect identity on their request.  Aim of these case studies is to make you understand the problems people face and how have we been able to provide them with viable solutions. [Images used are for illustration purpose only].

Case Study # 1 

He was a happily married middle aged professional, who enjoyed a generally fit and healthy life. However, for the past several weeks he had been experiencing various problems which seemed insignificant yet disrupted his normal life. He felt unusually tired and even lost his appetite. He also experienced a significant rise in his daily water intake. He was wondering as what exactly happened to him and was quite worried as his family is mentally very dependent on him. All these issues prompted him to seek reliable medical advice and that was when he chose to visit our clinic.

He was accompanied to our clinic by his young son, the only family member with whom he had shared his concern. He told us that he had been quite active for most of his life but had steadily been gaining weight over the past couple of years. He also informed us that his increased professional responsibilities left him little time to take part in physical activities. In addition, he also missed out on sleep due to the additional work that he often took back home from office. He can’t help it as even in the office he being senior level management employees has too many responsibilities to take care.

He was extremely stressed and his body has become quite flabby. He was constantly sweating and felt thirsty quite frequently despite the fact that he was sitting in our air conditioned clinic. He looked at least 10 years older than his age and he rarely smiled, even while communicating with his son. We advised him some blood tests and asked him to visit again with the reports. We were predicting it as a case of either diabetes or in the verge of entering the level of being diabetic. But nothing can be commented before we actually check the report of the blood test.

The reports confirmed our diagnosis that he was a pre-diabetic. We educated him about the importance of following a strict diet and regular exercise to prevent the eventuality of becoming a full diabetic. We created a diet plan according to his daily nutritional requirements and also suggested the most effective workout regime along with some basic medication. He promised to follow our prescribed advice and medication stringently. He visited us again after a few weeks and was feeling significant improvement in health.

Case Study # 2 

He was a 45-year-old manager of a construction firm. He was living a healthy and happy life with his wife and two children. Over the past few months, he started complaining about joint pain in his legs after work. He gained a lot of weight and he started feeling fatigue throughout the day. His wife was aware about all the changes that he was experiencing over the past few months and convinced him to visit to our clinic.

Since he was a manager of big construction firm, there were many responsibilities of the firm on his shoulders. Due to the high expectations from the boss to accomplish the given tasks, sometimes, he forgot to eat on time. He was having a family as well to look after the kids and taking care of them. However, over the past few weeks, he started feeling fatigued throughout the day. Every evening, he complained of having joint pain after work. He started worrying about this kind of behaviour of his body. As advised, he paid a visit to our clinic to discuss things out.

The man was accompanied by his loving wife who suggested him to pay a visit to our clinic. The man looked worried as he had never ever faced such situations in his life. He was living a happy and healthy life throughout his life. His smile was also missing during the conversation and he looked like a 50 years old man. His also looked overweight. We asked him to stay calm and feel relaxed. Initially, we checked him out physically and asked for some blood tests to be done. We requested him to come for a visit again along with the blood test reports.

As requested by us, he visited us with all the blood test reports that we asked for. The reports confirmed that he was a pre-diabetic. We educated him about this disease and how he can overcome with it. We offered him some guidelines to follow on a daily basis. We also prepared strict diet plan which is essential for every patient of this disease. We requested him to go for a walk every single day, we also suggest him to do some physical activities. He promised to follow all the guidelines given by us. We asked him to visit us after two months with fresh reports. He visited us again, and was feeling happy as he saw some significant changes to his body. He started feeling energetic.

Case Study # 3

He was healthy and fit during his college days and played a lot of sports. After getting a placement in a leading firm, he got busy in the corporate lifestyle and physical fitness took a backseat. Of late, he experienced a weight gain. He also felt lethargic throughout the day. He pondered upon joining a gym but his busy schedule did not allow him to do so. One day while he was in a meeting, his vision blurred and he came to us straight from the office, along with his friend.

He could not understand why his vision blurred all of a sudden. He was also very concerned about his weight gain as he had always maintained a lean physique in his college days. The sudden transformation of his body from lean to fat was not going down well with him. He was also worried about the fact that in the past few weeks, he had been urinating quite frequently. He knew that something was wrong with him and to figure that out, he approached us for help.

He was very restless when he visited our clinic. He went to use the washroom from time to time. He was worried and it was quite evident in his gait and facial expressions. We asked him to calm down and share all the experiences from the past few days. He told us everything. We asked him to take a few blood tests and asked him to meet us once he gets the reports.

He visited us with his reports that said that he was a pre-diabetic. We were quite sure ever since we heard his ordeal. We explained to him that he is pre-diabetic. Tension gripped his face. We calmed him down and explained to him that he is not still a diabetic. We told him that he is on the borderline. We demanded his co-operation and told him that he can still save himself from the spell of diabetes. We suggest him some lifestyle changes. We asked him to exercise daily and take the diet curated by us. We put him on some medications and asked him to see us after a few weeks. He revisited us and we asked him to take a blood test again. His reports were normal as he had been strictly following our advice.

Case Study # 4

 She pursued the career of a government employee and officer. She was in her early 40s and had a healthy and happy professional and married life. Lately, a few health-related issues started affecting her. She felt more fatigued during the day and was increasingly thirsty so that she consumed more water. While she craved more for water, her usual appetite or food intake decreased. This loss of hunger was sudden, and she used to eat heavily earlier for the past 2 years. She had no clue as to what was happening inside her body, and why her eating habits are changing all of a sudden. Her fatigue did not allow her to undertake her job and family responsibilities in the best way.

Her old friend guided him to our Clinic and also accompanied her on the first visit. She said that with her recent promotion her professional responsibilities had increased and she had no time for physical exercises. She said that due to these changes she was gaining weight for the past 1 years or so. She said that she had both professional and family responsibilities to take care of and the increased fatigue and tiredness were not allowing her to perform to her level best.

We found that her weight was on the higher side. She was also sweating more than normal even when she was sitting in our air-conditioned counseling room and clinic. She demanded water more than often during our interaction and was also looking older than what she actually was. We suspected this to be a case of prediabetes or diabetes and guided her to undergo certain clinical tests so that the clear picture is obtained.

The reports revealed that she has been affected by the pre-diabetic condition. We told her that no matter how many responsibilities she had, she should follow a diet and exercise schedule regularly. We provided to her a diet chart and also provided certain meditation techniques. We told her to follow the dietary and exercise advice and regimen for at least a month before she comes back to our clinic again.

We met her again after a period of 1 month. She was quite happy, jovial, and healthy at her next visit. She told that she was now much fitter, attentive, and energized and also performed better at both her professional responsibilities and in her personal life.

Case Study # 5

 He was a 49-year middle-aged man, who was an employee of the Government sector. He was living a happy married life with the woman whom he loved. He was a very punctual employee and the entire team was praising him and his punctually. However, over the past few weeks, he started feeling tired all day. He had found that his weight has increased. He started wondering about the way how his life was changing over the past few weeks. He worried about this as it was feeling very uncomfortable. He shared everything with his wife who advised him to pay a visit to our clinic.

The man told us everything about how his life has changed entirely over the past few weeks. He shared everything about his daily routine life and what kind of work he does as the government employee. He had also shared about the body weight that he had gained undeviating. Due to high demands from the officials, he forgot to sleep sometimes. His life became miserable as he can’t concentrate on one particular thing.

At the first glance, he clearly looked overweight as he discussed his past life with us. He looked tense with tired eyes. He kept on sweating constantly while sharing his concerns with us. His smile was missing during the conversation and he looked like a 60-year-old man. We assumed that this could be the reason behind being diabetic. We tested him physically, check his blood pressure and for more clear confirmation, we asked him blood tests. We also asked him to pay a visit to our clinic after receiving the blood test reports.

After a couple of days, the man came with the blood test reports. The reports have confirmed that he was a pre-diabetic. We offered some lessons about taking care of his health and how he can still live a healthy lifestyle even after being diabetic. We recommend him to go for walk daily, doing some physical exercises or going to the gym. We also asked him to follow a strict diet. We gave him proper diet plan and asked him to follow it daily. We also asked him to visit us again after a couple of months. He visited us after 2 months and he has seen significant changes in his life. He started losing weight and gaining back interest in his work.

Case Study # 6 

He was a successful IT professional and a great foodie. While his weight had always been on the heavier side, he had gained a lot more just over the past few months. At the same time he had also developed the problem of high BP and high cholesterol levels.  When one day in lunch time he discussed this problem with his colleague he immediately suggested him to be alert as this can be the sign of some health problem which he is unaware about.  He visited us one day just for a casual check-up.

His biggest concern was his unusual weight gain, which he felt was the reason for his other health issues. He also complained about lack of proper sleep due to the excessive stress at work. He also agreed to the fact that due to lengthy working hours he don’t get time to hit the gym and yes he is nit alcoholic. Due to office parties and business delegates meet, he needs to drink to accompany the members in the team. Due to his mother’s ill health for so long he remains under tremendous mental pressure. He was egger to know as what exactly is making him so fat.

During his interaction with the doctor, he made it clear that he was not a too active person. This habit had in-fact turned into complete inactiveness over the past few months. Upon further enquiry it was revealed that his father and grandfather had both been diabetic patients. This information led the doctor to advise him to take the blood glucose test. Nothing can be said till the time doctor checks the report and give the verdict about the real cause behind the problem.

The reports of the test were both good and bad. The good news was that he had not yet developed diabetes. The bad news was that his blood glucose levels were so high as to make him borderline diabetic. The doctor advised a complete lifestyle makeover for him to prevent the risk of diabetes, which he promised to follow. We also recommended some free hand exercise for him along with 1 hr walk after dinner every day. We recommend lowering down of the sugar intake. We mentioned that he should take 1 glass bitter gourd juice at least thrice a week to stay fit. We ask for repeat test after 2 months.

Case Study # 7

 He was a happy and content man nearing his fifties. He seemed to enjoy a healthy life and was generally more active than other people of his age. It was during a medical camp organized by his company that he first came to know about having high cholesterol and BP. So, he thought of taking a second opinion form a more reliable source and visited our clinic. He was aware that these days he was getting tired very fast without doing much work and thought it was just because of growing age all these are happening. One of his friends recommended us and so he visited our clinic.

He informed the doctors that although he suffered from some stress, it was not on a regular basis. He did not face any other health issues as such. His appetite was normal and yes he did feel somewhat fatigued, but that was a natural aspect of ageing as per him. He said that even his wife complained that he is no more active on bed and gets tired very fast. He used to play badminton with his son but these days he is not feeling any more energetic to spend time playing badminton and that is making his kids feel really bad.

The doctor was concerned by the fact that he seemed to feel constantly thirsty. Upon enquiring further, the doctor also came to know that he urinated 8-10 times during the night. According to him he had started doing so only a few weeks back. Based on his observations the doctor advised a blood glucose test. Our doctor was sure that he is at the verge of being diabetic but nothing can be confirmed till the time the report is in hand.

After collecting the report from lab he met us again in clinic.The test reports confirmed that while he was not actually diabetic, he was on the verge of becoming one. The doctor advised him to make some necessary lifestyle changes to prevent this from happening. He also provided him a detailed diet plan to follow. Aside to this we recommended to do meditation at least 1 hr a day as this will cool down his mind and help him fight stress. We prescribed no medicine but suggested inclusion of bitter gourd in diet as that helps in controlling sugar.

Case Study # 8

He was a 38 year old man married to a beautiful lady aged 35. They both were living happy family life with their 2 year old son. They both were earning well as government servants. But from past few weeks he was noticing few problems which he never noticed earlier. He was confused as it was an age factor or stress. He ignored the signs but repeated disruption made him worried about his health. He did not shared his problem with his wife as this will make her worried. He decided to seek medical advice and has chosen our clinic for that.

He lost his appetite and also experienced a significant rise in his daily water intake. Even blurry vision and increasing frequency of urination stressed him as he used to be energetic and full of life man. At first he thought his weight gain issue was the reason behind being fatigue. He was confused as what is the reason behind his condition, he decided to find it out and take step to improve his health condition. He was depressed as this condition was taking him away from his family. He was spending less family time and cannot even concentrate on his work in office.

He visited our office alone stressed and with pale face. He was a fatty man with low energy. He was frequently asking for water and was the most impatient patient in our clinic. We were noticing his body language and he was in excessive stress. We asked him for details and told him go for some blood tests. He came alone to us and was feeling sick morally. We advised him to come back again with reports and bring your wife as on this stage you need her badly, and she will be your support system throughout the process.

Finally the reports came after 3 days and we found that he was a pre-diabetic. His wife accompanied him to our clinic and this was a positive perception in his treatment. She was a well mannered lady and was helping him in whole process of treatment. We informed them about the importance of following a strict diet and regular exercise, and if they do not follow our instruction this will turn in to diabetes type 2.  We created a diet plan according to him and also suggested the most effective workout regime along with some basic medication. He assured us to practice our treatment strictly and noticed improvement within 3months of treatment.

Case Study # 9

He was a successful entrepreneur and was the only earning man of his family. After death of his father at the age of 18 he handled all the responsibilities of his family. This happily married man is now in his mid 30s and was living a peaceful and healthy life but from past few weeks he was noticing few changes in his health. He started feeling drowsy and was losing his appetite. He was worried about his health as his family was financially and mentally dependent on him. When he discussed his problem with his wife she reacted patiently and advised him to visit us and take medical advice.

He was an energetic and smart man and prefers to manage every situation on his own he did not bother anyone and shared his problem only with his supportive wife. Being an entrepreneur he needs to stay active mentally and physically but in past few months he has started gaining weight and feeling tired. Being an entrepreneur he has so many responsibilities to take care but his health was not allowing him to manage everything as he used to do earlier. He was concerned about his family and health now and then he decided to go for a checkup and seek medical advice.

He was accompanied by his wife to our clinic. The moral support of his wife was the most mandatory thing he needed at this stage. He was looking pale and tired and was depressed because of his health. We told him to relax and answer our question as if he is talking to his friend. We advised him for few blood tests and asked him to visit again with his reports as we cannot come to any result without appropriate check-ups. The strong point of this case was his wife’s support. He was holding her hand throughout the whole process and this was making him mentally strong.

After going through his test reports we got to know that this was the case of pre-diabetic. We suggested him to make some healthy changes in his diet plans and to live healthy life to notice drastic transformation in his health in no time. After suggesting him few medicines and strict routine chart we also advised his wife to give him healthy and proper diet. With the promise of following our instructions they left and visited again after few months with great improvement in his health.

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