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Diabetes management with Ayurveda

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Diabetes management with Ayurveda

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By Dr Yuvraj Monga


Diabetes (“Sugar”) is one metabolic disorder which takes the happiness out of your life. You are shaken and disturbed upon discovering that you are diabetic and no longer “normal”.Your favorite chocolates, sweets and samosas are suddenly out of bounds; now replaced with insipid eatables you hated once. Sadly, you can no longer “indulge” in parties with friends and family, as your menu now, becomes more definite and restricted.

Over many months, despite consulting many Physicians / Diabetic specialists, changing medicines, and following different diet plans, your sugar levels continue to remain North of 220 – 240 with HbA1c values well beyond 8, 9, or even 10. You keep switching doctors in desperation to seek best treatment with the hope that your sugar levels will drop down to within normal range. Altered prescriptions and diet charts keep adding to your confusion without desired results. Sooner than later, amidst rapidly fading hope, you are TIRED and FRUSTATED..!!

why diabetes is difficult to manageWhy is Diabetes difficult to control?

Most diabetics initially remain in a perpetual state of “Denial”, “Fear” and “Ignorance.” These factors conspire to keep you away from an effective management of your diabetes and nudge you towards eventual Non-Compliance with the prescribed treatment. Ironically thus, the primary reasons of a diabetic’s unsatisfactory response to therapy, lie deeply embedded within the diabetic’s psyche.

Ignorance: Inadequate knowledge of Diabetic signs and symptoms like tiredness, un explained weight loss, excessive hunger, thirst and urge to urinate frequently, initially go un noticed. This leads to delayed diagnosis and initiation of treatment. Similarly, not completely understanding the significance of “Diet”, “Exercise” & “Self Monitoring” for the effective management of diabetes, lead to an improper following of the Clinician’s instructions.

Most diabetics rest smug in the belief that as long as pills are being swallowed, everything else is ok and “controlled”.

Denial : Usually diabetics tend to be in a mode of continuous denial with respect to their diabetic status. They find it so difficult to acknowledge that “I am a diabetic”! This seriously erodes the diabetic’s required commitment for obtaining the desired results.

Fear: Upon reali-zing that you have diabetes, its fear grips you. Natu-rally occurring concerns like, “What will happen to my body or my life?”, “What will happen to my family?”, “My days are now counted!” Such apprehen-sions cause an enhanced state of anxiety which further clouds the diabetic’s future plan of action.
Regular monitoring of sugar readings lays the basis of effective diabetes management. But many diabetics possess a strong apathy towards self monitoring. Therefore, when regular assessment of sugar readings is not done, a diabetic’s control on his diabetes is never achieved.

How can you control diabetes?

Managing Diabetes is very tricky. It can’t be cured, but it certainly can be controlled. It is controllable to an extent that you can lead a healthy life happily even with diabetes as a part of your life. This is not easy, but neither is it impossible as such.

How do we treat at Dr. Monga Ayurvedic Medi Clinic (DMAMC)?

At DMAMC our focus is to tackle all the three factors viz. Ignorance, Denial and Fear. This clears the path of overcoming diabetes with courage and conviction. Instead of feeling depressed, our patients enjoy the challenge of defeating diabetes through a step wise scientific approach :

how to manage diabetes1) Self realization & in-depth education on Diabetes by the Clinician.
2) Creation and critical assessment of daily food logs by certified Diet Counsellors.
3) Following easy-to-do exercises regimen.
4) Benefitting from integrated Shashtrokt Ayurvedic and Allopathic treatment.
5) Self-monitoring of blood glucose levels and record keeping.
6) Follow up by our patient care executives on weekly basis.

At DMAMC, the “Diabetic” manages and successfully overcomes his / her diabetes with the active support, guidance and encouragement of the entire Diabetes Management Team.



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