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HIV Treatment

Overview What is HIV? Symptoms Causes How we help More on Infectious Diseases HIV – an overview HIV has undeniably developed into the most feared

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Overview What is Constipation? Symptoms Causes How we help More on Infectious Diseases Constipation – Overview xxxx What is Constipation? Constipation also called Anaha in

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Skin Allergies

Do you have rashes or itching on skin? Do you often suffer from red, bumpy, scaly or swollen skin? Your skin is flaky? Is this

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  Are you a thinly person? Your BMI is less than 20? Do you have proper appetite? Do you feel any tiredness or abnormal heart

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short height

Short Stature

  Your child has any abnormal weight gain or weight loss? Is these more than 5 pounds in a month? Is your child not growing

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Are there any silvery scales on your skin? Do you have any itching sensation or redness on your in skin or scalp? Do you fell

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Do you have increasedappetite? Do you have BMImore than 30? You can’t sleep well? MAY BE YOU HAVE OBESITY… What is Obesity? Obesity is an excess

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Lower Back Pain

Do you feel any difficulties while sitting? Do you have any piercing pain on your legs? Are you suffering from Low back pain while climbing

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Do you have any foul-smelling discharge? Do you have any black patches under your eyes? Do you feel any dragging sensation in the abdomen? Do

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Joint Pain

Do you have any redness on our joints? Are you experiences pain and swelling in one or more joints? Do you feel any stiffness on our joints? MAY

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