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HIV Treatment

HIV has undeniably developed into the most feared health disease after cancer. Millions of people all over the world become victim to this disease annually. Though it is not likely to control the incidence of cancer, it is surely possible to obstruct the rapid spread of HIV in our society. Though, the efforts to control

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Which doctor should I consult for height?

A man or a woman with a good height is something which all desire to be. In short, we all want to get a well-developed body with a good height. Normal individuals achieve their maximum height after attaining the age of 21. But Dr Monga in Delhi, with his medical treatment, proved that this number

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How is it possible to increase height ?

A good height is no less than a blessing. It gives a positive look at the appearance of an individual. It is the only reason why people love people with good heights. Many are there are all are dissatisfied with their heights. Everybody wants to get a good height, but genetically they cannot achieve that.

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Best Diet plan for height growth

The height of an individual depends on heredity, but proper nutrition ensures the right growth. Humans are capable to experience an increase in their height up to a certain age. But if one follows a balanced diet since its childhood, the bones can grow beyond that age. A properly balanced diet keeps the bones, joints,

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Do you have brownie tongue? Is that difficult to clean? Is your stool hard and dry? Are you suffering from pain, difficulty and strain during bowel? Are you experiencing less than three bowel movements a week? MAY BE YOU HAVE CONSTIPATION…   What is constipation? Constipation also called Anaha in Ayurveda is a condition in which a

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Skin Allergies

Do you have rashes or itching on skin? Do you often suffer from red, bumpy, scaly or swollen skin? Your skin is flaky? Is this seasonal? MAY BE YOU ARE SUFFERING FROM ALLERGIES… What is an allergy? Skin is the largest organ of our body and it plays a protective role and when irritation or

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  Are you a thinly person? Your BMI is less than 20? Do you have proper appetite? Do you feel any tiredness or abnormal heart beats?   MAY BE YOU ARE UNDER WEIGHT…   What is Underweight? In medical terms, excessive leanness is also known as “emaciation”. The process by which we lose healthy body

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Short Stature

  Your child has any abnormal weight gain or weight loss? Is these more than 5 pounds in a month? Is your child not growing well? Are he/she having loss of appetite?   MAY BE YOUR CHILD HAS SHORT STATURE…   Concept of Short Stature? A child’s rate of growth is important. Human height or

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Are there any silvery scales on your skin? Do you have any itching sensation or redness on your in skin or scalp? Do you fell any joint stiffness or nail abnormalities? MAY BE YOU HAVE PSORIASIS… What is Psoriasis? It is derived from a Greek word ‘Psora’ which means ‘itch’. Psoriasis is a severe, non-spreadable,

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Premature Graying

Is there any white or gray hairs on you head? Your gray hairs are less manageable or coarser? Your age is between 20 – 30? MAY BE YOU HAVE PREMATURE GRAYING… What is Premature Graying? Hair plays an important role in one’s physical appearance. Hair graying is an age related process. Premature graying (PHG) or

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