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Why Diabetic People Lose Appetite?

The following information is for educational purpose only and should not be considered as medical advice. Consult with qualified healthcare professionals for personalised recommendations.

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There are many people who would be more than happy to shed weight without eating. However, if that loss of appetite is associated with diabetes then it is a matter of concern. Eating too much or not eating enough can be two odd things that happen to people with diabetes. Here we would be discussing about the latter one.

When you are sick you often do not feel like eating anything. Some people lose their appetite through stress or depression or might dislike food because they are worried or excited about a change in their lifestyle.

One possible cause of loss of appetite is a condition where food moves too slowly through the digestive tract. This happens when over time high blood glucose levels damage the nerve that supplies fibers. Then the muscles in the gut can no longer move food easily out of the stomach into the small intestine to continue the digestion process.

Another condition that can cause appetite loss is when high blood sugar goes untreated and high levels of ketones build up in the blood and urine. When your body does not produce enough insulin, the cells are unable to use glucose to produce energy. Therefore, the body begins breaking down fat for energy, a process that produces ketones, which can make the body acidic as well as reduce the appetite.

If you have diabetes, you may experience weight loss before you start insulin therapy. The loss of sugar in your urine takes water with it, so some of this weight loss is due to water loss from your body. You may also experience the symptoms like significant weight loss, frequent urination, vomiting and confusion when lose appetite.

One can overcome loss of appetite, just enjoy what you eat and chew your food well. Go for a short walk with breaths of fresh air before a meal can help in gaining the appetite. The above changes will have an impact on your diabetes.

So, better to be safe than sorry and start Managing diabetes. Always monitor blood sugar levels to keep yourself updated. Get your blood and urine checked for ketone levels. Low appetite indicates that you are at the risk of weight-loss. So, it is important to increase your calorie intake. It can be avoided if you exercise and drink enough water and eat a little more than you normally do.

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